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Maximize Europe Tracks

Blog Post created by Nicole Guzzo Employee on Oct 12, 2016

Maximize Europe 2016 will feature 4 different tracks to choose from: Vision and Strategy, Service Operations Excellence, Value of Field Service and ServiceMax solutions. These 4 tracks cover such a variety of topics from IoT to ServiceMax solutions.

The Internet of Things is creating a new world of opportunities.HRInternetofThingsStandardsiStockphoto27050372-1393867723706.jpg It’s opening so many new doors that sometimes we don’t know where to start. Listen to a real world example - join in on the session where Elekta explains how they started and capitalized on the IoT. Or envision how qualitative and quantitative can be used together to achieve maintenance objectives. The Vision and Strategy track is set to explore the vision and strategy of ServiceMax and the field service industry.

Service is key in a business’ drive to meet their vision. Create cross-functional alignment or ERP and field service management alignment to bring your organization into the next tier of field service. These customer stories featured in the Service Operations Excellence track will show you how service leaders meet and then exceed expectations in order to be, well, excellent.

An excellent organizations know how to quantify the value of their service business. Sit in on a hands on workshop that touches on the necessary steps of change and how they can be implemented. Do you have a barrier that’s stopping your change? Discuss possible solutions with other field service professionals. There be examples and live demos of various reports you can add to your deployment. The Value of Field Service tracks wants you to see that your field service data is a goldmine - take advantage of it.

Are you looking to better that value? Are you looking for a new way to boost service performance? 8334812.jpgHave you ever heard of gamification? It’s a way to improve that service performance you’re looking to boost. Revolutionize your employee’s engagement in terms of goal alignment, targets and continuous work feedback. Or maybe you need a solution that drives growth. Participate in a session from the ServiceMax Solutions track that goes over an easy, automated way to manage contracts, warranties and preventative maintenance plans and reduce the chances of leaving money on the table.

The great thing about this event if you can mix and match from the 25 sessions to create the perfect programme for you. People are unique, thus we want you to create a unique schedule that will fit well with your needs and interests. Take a look at the agenda to read about each session more specifically or if you want more details on the upcoming speakers, check out Elliott Burr's Maximize Europe: 4 Must-See Speakers on Field Service Digital. To learn more about Maximize Europe, view our Maximize 2016 Community page!