Oliver Evans

Why UAT is so important and getting the right users is critical

Blog Post created by Oliver Evans Employee on Jun 16, 2015

UAT or User Acceptance Testing is the last process of testing your application so to use the analogy of making a successful football team this is the final preparation for the big match and making sure that everyone is ready and knows what they need to do.


Getting the tactics right for the big match is essential, just like getting your User Acceptance Testing organized and planned to run as smoothly as possible. Get them wrong or don’t even discuss the tactics and you are in for an awful 90 minutes, just like NatWest & RBS in 2012 when they failed to practice any kind of UAT.


In June 2012, the interruption to NatWest and RBS payments following a routine update to software cost an eye-watering £170m to fix










Inspired for your Rollout


Project Benefit


Manager and coaches to pick the best team


Having the right management team in place for the project who are determined to make the UAT a success and pick the best team


Getting the best people involved will help get the best results and ensure a smooth rollout


Training the team to practice for the match ahead - take a look at the squad of players you can work with and select the best 11


I cannot stress highly enough how important getting the right team of testers is and also that these users have been a part of the project from an early stage and not just been selected to help out with the UAT.


Letting the users know what you need from them and what they will be asked to do will help identify the users that actually want to be involved and want to participate in the UAT process


Pick the best players for the next match


Your UAT users need to be from the actual business and have the knowledge of the business processes they will be asked to test


The UAT Team is now created with the best people and they are ready for the next steps and thoroughly engaged in the project now


Team talk from the manager to prepare the team for the match


Show and tell the team the basics of the new system so they are confident and comfortable when performing the tasks.


Run the UAT Training session, this is a session that takes the users through the basics of the ServiceMax, getting logged on and understanding the basic architecture and the objects that they will need to use to undertake the testing process. This includes taking them through some example test scripts to fully prepare them for the tasks ahead.


Go out and play the match and WIN

(Using the tactics / playbook) practiced in training


Give the team their UAT test scripts that they will go away and use


UAT begins and every user knows what to do and how to do it


Review of the match and analyse the things the team done well to win


What worked well and what didn’t work so well. What improvements can be made?


The UAT Team will record their results and findings and this will help you move forward


The Newspaper hails the team as heros for such a great WIN


UAT goes great and the users are spreading the word and this creates excitement around the new system


More RAVING FANS are created for SERVICEMAX