Summer '15 Release

Blog Post created by lana.foladare Employee on Aug 20, 2015

The Summer '15 Release of ServiceMax brings many new enhancements as well as Installed Base app.

Enhancements are listed below. Enjoy the Summer '15 Videos.




  • Advanced Sync Conflict Resolution
  • Sync Reports
  • Collaboration app - An App for Push Notifications


  • Collaboration app - Push Notifications
  • ServiceMax Offline Formulas
  • Get Price - Custom Coverage for Types of Parts in Contracts
  • Sync:
    • Scheduled Config Sync
    • Configurable Aggressive Sync
    • Successive Sync
  • SFM Custom Action Outbound URL or WebService
  • Application Lock Out
  • Service Report Sync Status in Tools

Mobile for Laptop

  • Get Price Custom Coverages for Types of Parts
  • Support for SFM Custom Actions
  • Advanced conflict resolution
  • Sync Enhancements:
    • Schedule Config Sync
    • Configurable Aggressive Sync
    • Successive Sync
  • Multi-locale support for number, currency and date
  • SLA Clocks
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • ProductIQ


  • Attachments
  • Location Tracking
  • Advanced Sync Conflict Resolution
  • Locale Support - Dates, Times, Numbers, Currencies

Dispatch Console

  • Enhanced Speed Performance
  • Display Dispatcher’s Current Time Zone
  • Advanced Tech Search - Control Display of Tabs
  • Super Dispatcher can Push Individual Settings
  • Enable use of Event Type Field in Non-Work Order Event
  • API to Manage Skill Sets on Work Order



  • Custom Service Contract Discount and Coverages
  • Scheduled Work Order for Counter Readings

Installed Base app

1)This video details the three videos in the series:

  • Introduction
  • Demonstration
  • SetUp

2) Opportunity for Revenue Growth

3) Value of Installed Base Visibility


Installed Base app - SetUp

1) User Actions and Filters

2) Data Validation

3) Field Layouts


Installed Base app - Demonstration

1) Installed Base Hierarchy

2) Integration with ServiceMax

3) Installed Base app Demonstration