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Certification Maintenance Program Requirements

Blog Post created by Dana Levitt Employee on Apr 7, 2017

ServiceMax Certified Administrators and Advanced Administrators:  You may be at risk of losing your ServiceMax Certified Administrator credentials if you have not completed certification maintenance requirements. 


If certification requirements as listed below are not completed by the due date listed on the website, your credentials will expire and you will be required to purchase and retake the FULL EXAM to regain the credential.  If you are a ServiceMax Certified Advanced Administrator, it will expire at this time as well. 


To prevent your credential from expiring, you must  complete the online Release Training and Exam.

To take the exam:

  1. Go to https://servicemax.litmos.com/
  2. Login using your LMS username and password
  3. Click on the Course Library tab
  4. Locate and click on the Release Training course
  5. Click the Start This Course button
  6. You will be able to take the exam once you've watched the videos


You have three attempts to pass the exam.  The passing score is 75%.  The primary reference materials for this exam are the Release Training video content and the release notes (available via User Docs). 

Once you've successfully completed the current Release Training, your status in the program will remain active and you will be fully current until the following release. 


Please contact us at servicemax.product-training@ge.com for inquiries. 



ServiceMax Product Certification Team