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According to Gartner Research, there will be 20.4 Billion connected devices by year 2020. While many have already connected their equipment or are in active planning stages, it is important to think through your IoT architecture and solution goals. These early decisions will drive your ability to achieve recurring and lasting benefits of Connected Field Service.


Join this webinar with Aaron Mieswinkel, Director of Architecture, and Anna Startseva, Product Marketing Lead, to learn about ServiceMax IoT integration architecture and how organizations are blending and mining data to deliver recurring value. Service organizations are able to switch to proactive and even predictive service models to guarantee customer outcomes—uninterrupted equipment uptime and exceptional customer experience.


This webinar will cover:


  • Achieving uninterrupted equipment uptime and customer experience objectives with Connected Field Service
  • ServiceMax IoT-agnostic solution and architecture
  • Strategies for implementing Connected Field Service
  • Strategies to enrich data from equipment with information from database and ServiceMax


Deep Dive on ServiceMax IoT Architecture and Data Strategies

Thursday, May 24, 2018


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anna-startseva-100-circle.pngAnna Startseva

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

ServiceMax from GE Digital



aaron-mieswinkel-100-circle.pngAaron Mieswinkel

Director - Architecture and ServiceMax Labs

ServiceMax from GE Digital

In field service it’s all about the customers, and their experience is the measure of your success. To increase your geographical coverage, meet seasonal demand, or support specific types of work, you may need the help of third-party technicians. For all the goals you set out to achieve, partners are the direct line to your customers.


ServiceMax Partner Community addresses all requirements for managing contractors efficiently. You get real-time visibility into your contractors operations, can hold them accountable, and in turn empower them to deliver great service on your behalf.


Join us for a practically oriented webinar to

  • Learn about challenges, and benefits of leveraging third-party partners
  • Discover how ServiceMax Partner Community can help you manage contractors efficiently
  • See the product in action


Managing 3rd-Party Contractors with ServiceMax Partner Community

Thursday, May 10, 2018


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katharina-streater-100-circle.pngKatharina Streater

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

ServiceMax from GE Digital



karl-kupecz-100-circle.pngKarl Kupecz

Sr. Solution Architect

ServiceMax from GE Digital

Global service organizations are challenged to think strategically when it comes to increasing revenue, profitability and customer experience.  Join Patrice Eberline, Author and VP Global Customer Transformation at ServiceMax from GE Digital as she outlines the next step in the service transformation journey; Determining your service strategy.


During this webcast, Patrice will cover key topics such as:


  • Identifying and aligning priorities with the c-suite
  • Understanding and using key KPI’s to deliver profitability consistently
  • Developing a future ready field team


Driving Profitability & Utilization for your Service Organization: Determining Your Service Strategy

Thursday, April 26, 2018

8:30 AM PDT | 11:30 AM EDT

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patrice-eberline-100-circle.pngPatrice Eberline

Vice President, Global Customer Transformation

ServiceMax from GE Digital

Join PwC and ServiceMax from GE Digital on Thursday, April 19th to learn about digital transformation in the oil and gas production operations. Oil and Gas operators face constant challenges in production operations. Challenges include but are not limited to lost/deferred production, operational inefficiencies, aged infrastructure, a changing workforce, and safety & compliance concerns.


Hear how Connected Field Service solutions from PwC and ServiceMax automate the end to end field operations & maintenance process from automatic work order creation from connected assets to real-time work order debriefs. Engineering and production teams are enabled with critical information to;


  • Enhance crew and asset performance: Digitize crew and asset history and monitoring helps detect and prevent under-performance with human and machine learning technologies
  • Increase field operations efficiency through improved asset uptime and reduced lost/deferred production: Mobile work order and real-time logistics management, across all fields, helps improve planning, monitoring, and processing of field work orders
  • Reduced risk of safety & compliance incidents: Integration with workforce management systems match the appropriate skills and certifications needed to successfully execute the work


Connected Field Services for Oil and Gas

Thursday, April 19, 2018

9AM PT | 12PM ET | 4PM GMT | 5PM CET

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Phil Schwarz

Directory of Industry Development - Oil & Gas

ServiceMax from GE Digital



keith-rider-100-circle.pngKeith Rider

Director, Digital Operations Technology


April showers bring May.. Maximizes? It may not rhyme, but that doesn't make it any less true! Everyone here at ServiceMax is incredibly excited for the upcoming Maximize Tour, which beings in May. Have you heard about it?


We have three stops: Las Vegas, Boston, and Tokyo. The global event will feature case studies, insights from leading visionaries, interactive and in-depth discussions, roadmap previews, demonstrations on the latest innovation in service technology, and provide a great opportunity for peer-to-peer networking.


We want you to have all the information about Maximize, so this month's goal is focused on making you a Maximize expert! (Maxpert?)


If you visit your rewards console and check out available quests, you'll see a new badge named "More About Maximize." April's badge is quick and simple. Visit these three sites and voilà, you've earned a badge and points!


Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 10.37.33 AM.png

Under Your Progress, if you check out those three webpages, you'll earn a badge!


The first stop takes you to our Maximize homepage, where you can watch video that highlights the 2017 events, as well as learn about the key themes this year. From this page you can access the registration sites for Las Vegas and Boston and learn more about the European Workshop Series.




The second stop takes you to an overview of our Maximize user groups and includes the full agenda for the upcoming sessions.




The third stop doesn't take you far. It's a link to our Community online user groups. If you're a customer, you have access to all four groups: West Coast, East Coast, EMEA, and ANZ. We encourage you to follow one space (or multiple) and start engaging!




We're looking forward to meeting a number of you at these upcoming conferences, and hopefully we see you in the user groups! If you have any questions, please let us know.


29542669_10156884909482908_836272949999086417_n 2.jpg




If you've attended a #Maximize conference in the past, what was the most memorable moment?

63% of technicians say they need better access to knowledge base in the field. That’s why we are partnering with Infomill to deliver productivity and customer experience benefits by integrating a curated knowledge base with ServiceMax.

Servicing medical devices in the field is unlike any other field service. Human lives and wellness depend on medical equipment uptime. To deliver fast First-Time fix rates, your field engineers need to have a detailed knowledge of complex installed equipment, troubleshooting techniques, replacement parts and their availability. Failure to deliver excellent service and lack of adherence to FDA regulations can result in missed SLAs, frustrated customers, penalties and, ultimately, less business for your company.

Join this webinar to learn how your field service team can increase First-Time fix rates while improving customer satisfaction. You will hear Anna Startseva, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at ServiceMax and Bo Wandell, VP of Sales and Business Development at Infomill, discuss how a curated mobile knowledge base that is integrated with your field service and inventory management solution will help achieve and beat your field service KPIs. Topics will include:


  • How leading Medical Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors outperform the competition
  • How to achieve productivity and customer experience objectives with digital tools
  • How an integrated solution from ServiceMax and AnswersAnywhere from Infomill delivers the right equipment and inventory knowledge at the right time so your field engineers can deliver flawless service
  • Solution demo with AnswersAnywhere, a curated knowledge management solution and ServiceMax's new field inventory management features


Raise Field Service Productivity with an Integrated Knowledge and Inventory Solution

Thursday, March 22, 2018


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anna-startseva-100-circle.pngAnna Startseva

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

ServiceMax from GE Digital



bo-wandell-100-circle.pngBo Wandell

VP, North America

Infomill, Inc.

Have you ever submitted a question in the community? If someone answered correctly, did you mark it as correct?


This month, I'd like us to focus on that exactly: marking questions as answered and marking comments as correct.


Why is this important?

  • It helps users find information. If a user searches for an answer to their question and they see a related question already answered, this might save them time from searching or submitting a repeated question.
  • It's a great way recognition someone for their knowledge. It's a high five. Or a pat on the back. The user who answered correctly also receives points in the community.
  • It's a great metric for us community members to track. It helps us determine how helpful are community is being, and what we can focus on to make sure our users are getting the most our of this space.


Here's how to mark a response as correct, which will make a question as answered.




Then you'll earn a badge, and some points! As soon as you mark an answer correct, you will immediately receive a badge. As of right now, you can only earn the badge once.


Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 3.09.17 PM.png

As of today, we have 262 questions marked as answered. I'm looking forward to see that number go up this month!

Delivering customer outcomes, not just regular maintenance and repair, is driving field service organizations to innovate. Customers are no longer willing to invest in expensive, complex equipment without assurances of a good return. This means equipment performance is at the center of any purchasing justification and service organizations are in a great position to ensure optimal performance. But optimal performance may be different depending on the customer and the product they need. In order to enable more customized care, service organizations need to employ different types of service strategies. They also need innovative ways to implement and execute them.


If you’re looking to deliver better customer outcomes through next-generation services, please join Tushar Sharma, Product Manager and Micki Collart, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at ServiceMax from GE Digital for a webinar on ServiceMax’s Proactive Maintenance capabilities.


In this Maxpert Webinar series event, you’ll learn:

  • How maintenance strategies are evolving
  • About the new technologies and specific ServiceMax functionality driving this evolution
  • And, unique ways to configure maintenance plans to enable tailored service


Build Your Outcomes-based Service Empire with Proactive Maintenance

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 9AM PT | 12PM ET | 5PM GMT

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micki-collart-100-circle.png Micki Collart

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

ServiceMax from GE Digital



tushar-sharma-100-circle.pngtushar sharma

Product ManagerServiceMax from GE Digital

This month we'd like to focus on enabling our users to create more types of great, new content. Right now, most of our users only have the ability to submit questions and discussion threads. However, by the end of February we want our customers to be able to write blogs and create polls.


Where do we want to see your content? We'd love to share your voice in our customer user groups. By sharing your thoughts and knowledge and collaborating with other customers, we'll get a better understanding of what we should focus on during our upcoming Maximize user groups.




So during this month, I'll be revamping our three user groups (West Coast, East Coast, EMEA) and enabling your content creation abilities (with how-to's).


So what can you do first? I created a discussion thread, Share your knowledge in a blog post, with some questions and topics that seem to be popular in our Community.  I hope after reading that content, if you're an expert at any of the topics, you'll be inspired to write something small for us.




Like this blog post, and you'll receive notifications with updates on how this month's goal is going!

As many of you know, the 2018 Maximize Tour is just around the corner! It will take place at the Las Vegas W Hotel, Las Vegas on Tuesday, May 15th to Wednesday, May 16th and at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf, Boston on Monday, May 21st to Tuesday May 22, 2018. Maximize18 is your one stop shop to understanding how you drive digital transformation for field service, find out how to define the service outcomes that matter to your business, and how an equipment centric strategy helps you achieve these outcomes.


We can't do these events without you though. You, our customers, play a large role in two aspects of Maximize: the presentations and the MaxChoice Awards.


Call for Presentations


Some of our favorite content has been presented by customers at Maximize. Because of real-life examples, these sessions truly show the power of ServiceMax and the importance of starting your digital transformation. So, once again, we want you to share you knowledge and expertise during a 45 minute session!


  • When should I submit my presentation by? February 28, 2018.
  • When will I be notified about the status of my submission? March 31, 2018.
  • What kind of topics do you want to see? We are currently planning three tracks.
    • Leadership Track - Aimed at service leaders for delivering service outcomes and navigating workforce & business challenges in global service organizations.
    • Product Track - Aimed at existing or prospective customers who want to be abreast of ServiceMax product vision and the exciting product areas where we are investing in.
    • Transformation Track - Aimed at prospective customers to learn how ServiceMax customers have successfully transformed their service organizations for their end customers.
  • Can I submit multiple presentations? Yes! Complete the submission process for each topic.




MaxChoice Awards


The MaxChoice Awards are always a crowd favorite. This is our way of recognizing you for your hard work, dedication to field service and outstanding contributions to their own companies and to the industry. 


  • Who can be nominated? ServiceMax customers are eligible to be nominated by self-nomination, by ServiceMax employees or by ServiceMax partners.
  • When is the deadline for the award nominations? March 30, 2018
  • What are the categories?


Award Category



ServiceMax Rookie of the Year

This award recognizes customers for outstanding accomplishment in their organization or field service team in their first year of implementation. 

Customers who have been live with ServiceMax for one year or less.

ServiceMax “We Keep the World Running" Award

This award recognizes customers whose use of ServiceMax keeps the world running and has become critical to serve their customers.

Any ServiceMax customer whose products and services help people and / or places in need.

ServiceMax Customer Impact Award

This award recognizes ServiceMax customers who have experienced a marked change in culture and transformation as it relates totheir customers since implementing ServiceMax. 

Any customer who can provide details on improved customer satisfaction, improved customer service, or loyalty.

ServiceMax Business Impact Award

This award recognizes ServiceMax customers who have realized exceptional business results and ROI in the areas of revenue, productivity, and the adoption of a field service management strategy for a business unit, department, company-wide, or throughout their extended enterprise. Submissions should include quantifiable results and include metrics.

Customers who have been using ServiceMax for six months or more and have metrics and numbers to share.

ServiceMax Innovation Award

This award recognizes a customer who has demonstrated innovative use of ServiceMax on mobile devices, in disconnected environments, or in machine-to-machine or IoT use.

This customer is viewed as a visionary leader. Possible candidates could be using ServiceMax on a mobile device, machine-to-machine technology, or IoT.

ServiceMax Raving Fan of the Year Award

This award recognizes a ServiceMax customer who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in field service and who has been a great advocate of ServiceMax.

This customer is viewed as a visionary leader and a strong advocate of ServiceMax and field service.




To summarize, Maximize is not the same without our customers. Thus, we'd love for you to present, and participate in the MaxChoice Awards!


If you have ANY questions, feel free to comment below.


Stay tuned for more updates, but for now, let's maximize!

Forgot the Terminator, RoboCop, and Wall-E because there are some new bots in town. They call themselves "Telerobotics".


Earlier this week I read an article called "Drivers Wanted: Why Engineers Want To Climb Into The Cockpits Of Tiny Robot Vehicles."


It explained that these new tiny robots aren't here to take over our world, but instead are here to take us to unreachable parts of our world. Telerobotics will be able to get us into places we don't fit or cannot reach, like into turbines or engines.


How? By being small (fit-in-your-palm small) and through the use of virtual reality.


Operators will wear VR goggles, and will see a 3D image relayed from the robot. The human controller will be able to manipulate the robot's arms and hands in the field. This system will even allow the operator to model the robot's next moves, before giving the final go ahead.


Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 9.14.55 AM.png


These telerobotics have the potential to be a huge hit in the field service industry. They'll be able to enter machines and make repairs without taking the machine offline. Thus, saving time and money.


Roboticist John Hoare explained that they are focusing on telerobotics that fit certain profiles first. For example, they want to create a bot that can help turn open or close a failing gas-plant valve, a task that can be terribly expensive and challenging. This specific bot will be created with the ability to turn a valve in mind.


So, in this case, robots are not here to replace humans. Between our brains, and their physical capabilities, a human-robot team could be nearly unstoppable!




What kind of jobs would you use telerobotics for? How would your technicians feel about being inside a machine?


Who is your favorite robot? (Mine is Baymax from Big Hero 6... how could you not love that big guy?!)

Nicole Guzzo


Posted by Nicole Guzzo Employee Jan 18, 2018

Did you know every quarter there's a Get to Know Your Customer Day? It's the third Thursday of every January, April, July, and October.


Because I'm a part of the Customer Marketing Team at ServiceMax, I feel like everyday is gettoknowyourcustomersday and I love it. Between monitoring this community, to creating customer story assets and pages, I feel like I am constantly learning about you and your field service story.


So on the first gettoknowyourcustomersday of 2018, I want to share a few of our recent customer stories, so you too can get to know our fantastic customers.



"We chose ServiceMax to meet the needs of our customers, but also to exceed their expectations." - Victoria Butt



Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 7.23.55 PM.png

Enphase Energy

"Over a number of years, the Enphase business model has changed. It has required a software that is adaptable, scalable, and flexible. ServiceMax is all three." - Vineet Kapoor



Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 7.29.05 PM.png

GE Power Services

"Without ServiceMax, getting people to the right place at the right time is nearly impossible." - Trey Keisler



Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 7.30.14 PM.png


How do you get to know your customers? Has ServiceMax affect your customers' experience? Let's hear your service stories!

Parts and service leaders are finding themselves at a crossroads as IoT begins to appear on their radars. Merging complete inventory transparency and effective parts management is a challenge for many companies with robust field service operations.


Join Anna Startseva, Sr Product Marketing Manager at ServiceMax and Mike Landry, President at Barkawi and discover how leading companies are using IoT in parts management and discover new tools to achieve your margins and customer retention goals. During this webinar we'll discuss:


  • The changing landscape of parts management in field service
  • How leading companies digitize parts management for improved operations today
  • How IoT insights will drive parts management optimization tomorrow


Lastly, Mike will introduce PartsMax, a Parts Delivery Optimization tool that creates tangible returns for service providers by increasing First Time Fix rate, creating higher inventory turns and optimizing technician utilization.


Increase ROI by Integrating Parts and Service

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

9AM PT | 12PM ET

Register Now >




anna-startseva-100-circle.pngAnna Startseva

Sr Product Marketing Manager

ServiceMax from GE Digital



mike-landry-100-circle.pngMike Landry


Barkawi Management Consultants, North America

At the beginning of a new year, many people feel like they're able to start fresh again. "New year, new me," right?


Well not here! We like who the ServiceMax Community was at the end of 2017, so we're not quite starting fresh. Nevertheless, we do want to constantly improve who we are and what kind of experience we provide, so we decided to embark on a new program of Monthly Community Goals.


Within the first few days of a month, I'll share a blog with you explaining the focus of those 30 days. It will be a helpful way for our team to stay on top of projects we want to deliver to the community, and also an easy way for you to share your thoughts on specific initiatives.


January 2018: Social Media Synergy

Staying Up To Date, Sharing More, & Strengthening Relationships


  • Staying Up To Date: We share a lot of news and updates on the community. For example, we posted about Maximize U.S. in 2018 right when we got the news: Maximize 2018. Still, some of our social media platforms share more consistently throughout the day. We don't want you to feel like you have to travel to multiple sites to hear real-time news and information from ServiceMax, so we want to bring aspects of our social platforms here.


  • Sharing More: Sharing is a vital life skill. We're taught from a young age that it is important to bring valuable and entertaining content to others, as it's a part of growing relationships. If you found a useful conversation or blog on this community, we want you to be able to share it wherever, whenever you want. We believe there should be more eyes on our content.


  • Strengthening Relationships: We've only seen who you are on the ServiceMax Community platform. Do you live tweet at field service conferences? Do you blog on LinkedIn? Do you post fun photos, videos, or GIFs? Are you sharing content on other social media sites that some other users may benefit from? We want to make it easy to instantly connect with other ServiceMax users anywhere and anytime.
    • We added two profile fields: Linkedin URL & Twitter Username. If you fill out these fields (or one if you only have one) you will be rewarded with a badge and points.
    • To receive the badge, go to your profile, click Rewards, scroll down to Available Quests, select the light blue social one, and mark complete (it will be below Your Progress). I will then verify that you accurately completed the quest.


Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 1.37.00 PM.png


While this post does not lay out a specific to-do list for us, we already have a vision on how we can make these goals happen. Follow this blog to read updates throughout the month!





Are you on social networking sites? Do you engage with businesses via social media? Do you use certain platforms for certain types of information? (Example: I use Twitter to share my thoughts on current events in the world and in pop culture.)

Happy 2018! At the ServiceMax Community team, we are pleased to welcome the new year with a new look, new projects on the horizon, and renewed enthusiasm to host our fantastic, engaged community members.  If you've logged in since December 4th, you won't have missed our new look: we're donning GE blues and are pleased with the new set up here in the community.



In 2018 we want to make more adjustments, add more spaces, enable more members to join, and do what we can to make this community an open, useful, and enjoyable platform for your continued collaboration and support.  Openness, Transparency, Ease of Use, and Valuable Content are some of our 2018 community tenets.


As we begin January, I got to thinking about resolutions. If you are anything like me, you may find the slew of resolution-related 'news' and blogs exhausting and not terribly interesting - a bit like when holiday decorations emerge the day after Halloween here in the US. It can feel a bit gimmicky.


At the same time, this time of year provides a great reminder to reflect on the previous year's projects.  I recently underwent a week-long planning session that included reporting data, a refresher on the last year's goals, highlights, gaps, errors, and lessons learned. This collaborative session let our team reflect and then spend a solid chunk of time looking at the next 12 months and beyond. It was hugely beneficial and probably the least gimmicky way to think about future planning. It's hard to carve out time to step back and plan strategically. How often do you get the chance?


With the spirit of an empowering future planning as well as our new guiding principles, I took another look at New Year's Resolutions.


This article points out that people historically don't do well with New Year's resolutions: Tips for a successful New Year’s resolution | The Huffington Post says about 100 million Americans make resolutions every year, but only 45 percent follow through with them. That's a pretty big drop off rate and they offer a few tips to keep up with your resolution. One tip suggests that instead of setting a New Year’s resolution for an entire year, you should break it up into smaller segments, like monthly goals.


Neil Pasricha has even more dire statistics on resolution achievements in his article in the Toronto Star. He cited the University of Scranton, who showed that only 8 per cent of people actually maintain their New Year’s resolutions and US News reports that 80 per cent of all resolutions end up being dropped by February. Pasricha's article is all about setting up personal dashboards instead of traditional resolutions. His dashboard setup is compelling in it's simplicity, it reminder me of some of the illustrations from The One Thing by Gary Keller. Pasricha's color coded achievement matrix is also based on monthly goals and measures, and this reflects our direction for the ServiceMax Community as well.


We are embarking on a new program of Monthly Community Goals for 2018. We think this will be a great way to stay on track with the top things we want to deliver on this platform, taking time to try something new and innovative, incorporate feedback from our top members, and have a bit more fun, not to mention rewarding collaborative members who help others and share knowledge with more badges and points. Stay tuned for details on the first goal, later this week. And give us some input on what you want to see!


  • What kind of things would you like to see more of in 2018?
  • Who do you want to meet or connect with more?
  • How should we foster more helpful collaboration?
  • If you could get one thing out of your collaboration with other ServiceMax customers this year, what would it be?