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Last month we were focused on following people, this month we are focused on following SPACES.


There are various spaces in our Community. Each have a different purpose and provide different content for different people. Here's some examples:

  • Field Service Network - a place where ANYONE who is passionate about field service and wants to learn more can come together. Whether you are one of our customers, a guest who only knows a little about ServiceMax and field service technologies, or one of our talented and skilled partners, you can contribute to the content that lives here.
  • Network and Share - Exclusive to ServiceMax customers, partners, and employees, this place is for questions and discussions topics on field service, or really on whatever you want!
  • Mobile Updates, Scheduling Updates, Critical Product Updates, or any Product Hub space - This is where our Product Managers post updates on product, releases, or any major announcements you need to know about.
  • Knowledge - Our Knowledge Master, ServiceMax Knowledge, authors and updates articles weekly for our customers. This is where you want to review documentation on various ServiceMax features and processes.


Our goal this month is to get you all to follow some spaces! When you click "Follow" in the upper right-hand corner, and you choose Inbox, you'll receive updates into your Community inbox. Whatever you choose to follow, the new posts or updates will appear in your weekly Community emails, which should come around Thursday.


Following a space is a great way to stay in tune with what's going on.


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In field service, the customer is front and center in everything you do. Your success depends on the strength of your interactions with your customers and their experience with you.


Your customers know what they want, how they want it, and speed is of the essence. They are always connected, increasingly social, and self-educating, becoming more digitally engaged and less enthused about picking up the phone to ask routine questions or request service.


ServiceMax Customer Communities empowers them with a self-service portal that is fully integrated with your ServiceMax application. Carrying your brand, it connects you to your customers. And your customers have a dedicated place where they can – quickly, easily, and safely – access information, perform simple tasks, or see the history of their installed products.


Through ServiceMax Customer Communities you can keep service costs low, your customers happy and ultimately drive top-line revenue.


Join us for a practically oriented webinar to


  • Learn about drivers, challenges, and opportunities of customer self service
  • Discover how ServiceMax Customer Communities can enhance your customers’ experience
  • See the product in action


Transform Your Customers' Experience with ServiceMax Customer Communities

Thursday, August 2, 2018


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katharina-streater-100-circle.pngKatharina Streater

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

ServiceMax from GE Digital



scott-lawson-100-circle.pngScott Lawson

Sr. Staff Solution Architect

ServiceMax from GE Digital

By 2020, there will be 20 billion IoT connected devices. Field service management is a first-order application for IoT with accurate equipment data to optimize service delivery. How is your service organization taking advantage of the new technologies and data to improve equipment productivity? This webinar will help you understand the new service models made possible by IoT and provide practical steps to turn device data into action on assets with Predix ServiceMax.


Join ServiceMax and TSIA on June 28th to learn how Connected Field Service delivers superior productivity and customer experience results. We will discuss the following 3 opportunities for service leaders:


  • Unlock new service models
  • Enable proactive maintenance models
  • Leverage data to achieve proactive service results


3 Ways to Overcome Proactive Service Challenges

Thursday, June 28, 2018

10AM PT | 1PM ET

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john-ragsdale-100-circle.pngJohn Ragsdale

VP Research and Service Technology

Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA)



anna-startseva-100-circle.png Anna Startseva

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

ServiceMax from GE Digital

How are you using your asset and service data? Have you ever thought about it? Vanson Bourne has, which led them to conduct a new global research study, "The Rise of Asset and Service Data Gravity." The following blog by Sarah Lloyd-Parry, our VP of marketing in EMEA, is a brief look into Vanson Bourne's findings.




What if I told you your company’s asset and service data could give you a double-digit revenue boost? In a world dominated by disruption and change, companies are finding innovative ways of achieving growth. Part of that innovation is looking at smarter ways of monetizing equipment assets. Automated asset and service data is becoming increasingly valuable due to its breadth and depth of product and customer information, which holds all sorts of insights for companies that extend far beyond their service operations. And that value is having a gravitational pull on other parts of the business.


In fact, asset and service data hold untapped intelligence for almost every line of business — from sales, R&D, IT, finance, marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility, and it also has a huge impact on overall equipment effectiveness in terms of performance, capacity, quality, and uptime. The rise of this ‘asset and service data gravity’ is putting a sharper business lens on enterprise performance, showing both the good and the bad.


According to a new global research study by Vanson Bourne, “The Rise of Asset and Service Data Gravity,” for every $1 spent on successful service data collection and usage, companies expect a return of $4.44 — approaching five times the initial outlay. And companies say that aggregating and analyzing asset and service data will give them a 14 percent increase in revenue. Not a bad return. But the study also revealed some worrying gaps around revenue and contract leakage.


Of the estimated 187,470 field service work orders conducted on average each year, 15,635 (8.34 percent) of them remain unaccounted for within organizations. That’s millions being lost in revenue on a regular basis — unacceptable by any standard.


Field service engineers, dispatchers and managers rely on and collect valuable data direct from source and ensure its accuracy, whether that’s product status and performance, contracts, contacts, location or account details. It’s valuable information which needs to be digitally captured and recorded.


With the advent of predictive analytics and condition-based maintenance, this data, which can be curated and fed into an organization’s data system, has the potential to provide accurate intelligence across the entire organization. And it can enhance other data sources such as CRM, ERP, parts, logistics and supply chain, HR, compliance and even data sources such as traffic and weather forecasting. Essentially, field service and asset data give all other data relevance and accuracy.


While historically the service department has been a consumer of sources such as CRM data, it is now starting to feed valuable asset data back into the system. It fits with the overall shift we have seen in recent years with service moving from cost centre to profit centre. Its data is now part of that development.


With the adoption of field service technology, a field service engineer, as part of their work order debrief, can also contribute significant amount of hands on insight and context into the health and well-being of a piece of equipment. Capturing this insight, particularly on older assets and equipment not yet IIoT-enabled, is a critical priority for the transfer of structured diagnostic assessment, knowledge, resolution experience.


And for those organizations who are already embracing IIoT, the asset and service data from connected equipment, machines, devices, field service reports, and digital twins is now actionable. Because it is both rich and accurate, other data and departments are starting to gravitate towards it. We are starting to see this ‘Asset Data Gravity’ effect re-shaping the way businesses are making both operational and strategic decisions for the better.


You can learn more about the changing role of asset and service data by visiting here.


View the original blog on Field Service Digital.

The need for digital transformation as a growth enabler is changing the way companies do business and how they service their customers.  Connected devices (IoT) and Big Data Analytics are poised to drive lower cost of service, higher efficiency, and optimized delivery.


However, realizing those benefits is challenging: what would a service organization need to do to easily Connect the Dots? What are the steps of digital transformation in field service? With numerous devices and data sources, how do you close all of the data silo gaps and utilize new technologies to enhance your field service center?


We will examine key decisions and best practices to leverage modern integration tools that will provide greater customer visibility and help deliver a more effective predictive maintenance strategy.


You’ll Learn:


  • Proactive service – how to move from break-fix to proactive and even predictive service models
  • Redefining ‘service’ – how proactive use of data is revolutionizing the service industry
  • Moving forward – how the latest technologies including mobility, cloud, integration and big data are transforming field service management
  • Intelligent end-to-end field service


Who should attend:


  • Field Service managers
  • Operation managers
  • IT Business Analysts
  • IT and Data Support
  • Integration Specialist
  • “Ad Hoc” Integrators
  • Citizen Integrators


Future of Field Service Management. IoT: Connecting the Dots Via Integration

Thursday, June 21, 2018

10AM PT | 1PM ET

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brian-pitoniak-100-circle.pngBrian Pitoniak

VP of Sales

Magic Software



ted-brennan-100-circle.pngTed Brennan

Senior Solutions Engineer

Magic Software



anna-startseva-100-circle.pngAnna Startseva

Senior Product Marketing Manager

ServiceMax from GE Digital

The possibilities promised in taking full advantage of the new digital service environment are virtually limitless. Artificial intelligence, the Industrial Internet of Things, and machine communication are expected to reshape the way we view service and business as a whole well through 2025. In this ‘new normal’ speed of change and technological advancement, service leaders are faced with numerous challenges, but preparing and scaling their field teams for growth and success can be key among them.


Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with ServiceMax from GE Digital is looking to bring together leading IT and finance executives to discuss these topics and more at our 2018 CIO/CFO Virtual Event: Preparing for the ‘New Normal’: Scaling Service Organizations in the Face of Rapid Change. Join Patrice Eberline, Author and VP Global Customer Transformation at ServiceMax from GE Digital as she outlines strategies used to effectively scale service organizations in order to prepare for this future.

Key topics Patrice will be discussing include:


• Technological advancement across organizations

• Strategies to overcome challenges faced by leading executives

• Scaling teams and analyzing growth potential

• Best practices for success with an ever changing IT landscape


2018 CIO/CFO Virtual Event -

Preparing for the 'New Normal': Scaling Service Organizations in the face of Rapid Change

Thursday, June 14, 2018

10AM PT | 1PM ET

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patrice-eberline-100-circle.pngPatrice Eberline

VP Global Customer Transformation

ServiceMax from GE Digital

Field service technicians are always on the move—making mobile devices a logical extension to their everyday tools. Field engineers, service managers, and executives need in-depth access to service delivery information and processes from any device, anytime, anywhere.


Join Gaurav Verma, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Neil Gallivan, Senior Staff Solution Architect, and Michael Lin, Senior Product Manager, to take a deep dive on the key mobile capabilities like locating inventory visually, doing work order debrief, checking entitlements and latest labor/part prices and capture digital signature. Learn how ServiceMax is pushing the boundaries on Digital transformation of field service to help you achieve field service outcomes like growing service revenue, increasing service efficiency and improving customer experience.


In the power-packed webinar, you will:

  • Discover how field service organizations can leverage mobility to improve service profitability, efficiency and customer experience
  • Appreciate the key qualities and capabilities that a great field service mobile solution should have
  • See a live demo of the latest ServiceMax field service mobile solution covering specific use cases in a day in a life of a technician
  • Know what ServiceMax envisions for the future roadmap of field service mobile solution


Grow Service Profitability and Deliver Better Customer Experience Through Mobility

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

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gaurav-verma-100-circle.pngGaurav Verma

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

ServiceMax from GE Digital



neil-gallivan-100-circle.pngNeil Gallivan

Sr. Staff Solution Architect

ServiceMax from GE Digital



michael-lin-100-circle.pngMichael Lin

Sr. Mobile Product Manager

ServiceMax from GE Digital

Last month we had our first two Maximize tour stops: Las Vegas and Boston. We were joined by over 150 industry innovators, including our ServiceMax customers, for two days of learning, new ideas, best practices, and tip & tricks! It was a great opportunity to network in a stress free environment, and discuss what's happening in field service and in your businesses.


If you're a customer that wasn't able to attend, don't worry, we've uploaded presentations, videos, and photos from the event into this community! Visit 2018: Maximize Las Vegas & Boston Resources to see these assets.


We also uploaded the user group presentations to the corresponding area, so make sure to check out: West Coast User Group  or East Coast User Group!


With Maximize on my mind, I want to focus this month's goal on networking and making connections, which is what this community is all about!


For June, follow three people, and you'll earn this month's badge.


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If you're looking for people to follow, here's the Community Leaderboard. Our most engaged members are listed at the top!

According to Gartner Research, there will be 20.4 Billion connected devices by year 2020. While many have already connected their equipment or are in active planning stages, it is important to think through your IoT architecture and solution goals. These early decisions will drive your ability to achieve recurring and lasting benefits of Connected Field Service.


Join this webinar with Aaron Mieswinkel, Director of Architecture, and Anna Startseva, Product Marketing Lead, to learn about ServiceMax IoT integration architecture and how organizations are blending and mining data to deliver recurring value. Service organizations are able to switch to proactive and even predictive service models to guarantee customer outcomes—uninterrupted equipment uptime and exceptional customer experience.


This webinar will cover:


  • Achieving uninterrupted equipment uptime and customer experience objectives with Connected Field Service
  • ServiceMax IoT-agnostic solution and architecture
  • Strategies for implementing Connected Field Service
  • Strategies to enrich data from equipment with information from database and ServiceMax


Deep Dive on ServiceMax IoT Architecture and Data Strategies

Thursday, May 24, 2018


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anna-startseva-100-circle.pngAnna Startseva

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

ServiceMax from GE Digital



aaron-mieswinkel-100-circle.pngAaron Mieswinkel

Director - Architecture and ServiceMax Labs

ServiceMax from GE Digital

In field service it’s all about the customers, and their experience is the measure of your success. To increase your geographical coverage, meet seasonal demand, or support specific types of work, you may need the help of third-party technicians. For all the goals you set out to achieve, partners are the direct line to your customers.


ServiceMax Partner Community addresses all requirements for managing contractors efficiently. You get real-time visibility into your contractors operations, can hold them accountable, and in turn empower them to deliver great service on your behalf.


Join us for a practically oriented webinar to

  • Learn about challenges, and benefits of leveraging third-party partners
  • Discover how ServiceMax Partner Community can help you manage contractors efficiently
  • See the product in action


Managing 3rd-Party Contractors with ServiceMax Partner Community

Thursday, May 10, 2018


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katharina-streater-100-circle.pngKatharina Streater

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

ServiceMax from GE Digital



karl-kupecz-100-circle.pngKarl Kupecz

Sr. Solution Architect

ServiceMax from GE Digital

Global service organizations are challenged to think strategically when it comes to increasing revenue, profitability and customer experience.  Join Patrice Eberline, Author and VP Global Customer Transformation at ServiceMax from GE Digital as she outlines the next step in the service transformation journey; Determining your service strategy.


During this webcast, Patrice will cover key topics such as:


  • Identifying and aligning priorities with the c-suite
  • Understanding and using key KPI’s to deliver profitability consistently
  • Developing a future ready field team


Driving Profitability & Utilization for your Service Organization: Determining Your Service Strategy

Thursday, April 26, 2018

8:30 AM PDT | 11:30 AM EDT

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patrice-eberline-100-circle.pngPatrice Eberline

Vice President, Global Customer Transformation

ServiceMax from GE Digital

Join PwC and ServiceMax from GE Digital on Thursday, April 19th to learn about digital transformation in the oil and gas production operations. Oil and Gas operators face constant challenges in production operations. Challenges include but are not limited to lost/deferred production, operational inefficiencies, aged infrastructure, a changing workforce, and safety & compliance concerns.


Hear how Connected Field Service solutions from PwC and ServiceMax automate the end to end field operations & maintenance process from automatic work order creation from connected assets to real-time work order debriefs. Engineering and production teams are enabled with critical information to;


  • Enhance crew and asset performance: Digitize crew and asset history and monitoring helps detect and prevent under-performance with human and machine learning technologies
  • Increase field operations efficiency through improved asset uptime and reduced lost/deferred production: Mobile work order and real-time logistics management, across all fields, helps improve planning, monitoring, and processing of field work orders
  • Reduced risk of safety & compliance incidents: Integration with workforce management systems match the appropriate skills and certifications needed to successfully execute the work


Connected Field Services for Oil and Gas

Thursday, April 19, 2018

9AM PT | 12PM ET | 4PM GMT | 5PM CET

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Phil Schwarz

Directory of Industry Development - Oil & Gas

ServiceMax from GE Digital



keith-rider-100-circle.pngKeith Rider

Director, Digital Operations Technology


April showers bring May.. Maximizes? It may not rhyme, but that doesn't make it any less true! Everyone here at ServiceMax is incredibly excited for the upcoming Maximize Tour, which beings in May. Have you heard about it?


We have three stops: Las Vegas, Boston, and Tokyo. The global event will feature case studies, insights from leading visionaries, interactive and in-depth discussions, roadmap previews, demonstrations on the latest innovation in service technology, and provide a great opportunity for peer-to-peer networking.


We want you to have all the information about Maximize, so this month's goal is focused on making you a Maximize expert! (Maxpert?)


If you visit your rewards console and check out available quests, you'll see a new badge named "More About Maximize." April's badge is quick and simple. Visit these three sites and voilà, you've earned a badge and points!


Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 10.37.33 AM.png

Under Your Progress, if you check out those three webpages, you'll earn a badge!


The first stop takes you to our Maximize homepage, where you can watch video that highlights the 2017 events, as well as learn about the key themes this year. From this page you can access the registration sites for Las Vegas and Boston and learn more about the European Workshop Series.




The second stop takes you to an overview of our Maximize user groups and includes the full agenda for the upcoming sessions.




The third stop doesn't take you far. It's a link to our Community online user groups. If you're a customer, you have access to all four groups: West Coast, East Coast, EMEA, and ANZ. We encourage you to follow one space (or multiple) and start engaging!




We're looking forward to meeting a number of you at these upcoming conferences, and hopefully we see you in the user groups! If you have any questions, please let us know.


29542669_10156884909482908_836272949999086417_n 2.jpg




If you've attended a #Maximize conference in the past, what was the most memorable moment?

63% of technicians say they need better access to knowledge base in the field. That’s why we are partnering with Infomill to deliver productivity and customer experience benefits by integrating a curated knowledge base with ServiceMax.

Servicing medical devices in the field is unlike any other field service. Human lives and wellness depend on medical equipment uptime. To deliver fast First-Time fix rates, your field engineers need to have a detailed knowledge of complex installed equipment, troubleshooting techniques, replacement parts and their availability. Failure to deliver excellent service and lack of adherence to FDA regulations can result in missed SLAs, frustrated customers, penalties and, ultimately, less business for your company.

Join this webinar to learn how your field service team can increase First-Time fix rates while improving customer satisfaction. You will hear Anna Startseva, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at ServiceMax and Bo Wandell, VP of Sales and Business Development at Infomill, discuss how a curated mobile knowledge base that is integrated with your field service and inventory management solution will help achieve and beat your field service KPIs. Topics will include:


  • How leading Medical Equipment Manufacturers and Distributors outperform the competition
  • How to achieve productivity and customer experience objectives with digital tools
  • How an integrated solution from ServiceMax and AnswersAnywhere from Infomill delivers the right equipment and inventory knowledge at the right time so your field engineers can deliver flawless service
  • Solution demo with AnswersAnywhere, a curated knowledge management solution and ServiceMax's new field inventory management features


Raise Field Service Productivity with an Integrated Knowledge and Inventory Solution

Thursday, March 22, 2018


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anna-startseva-100-circle.pngAnna Startseva

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

ServiceMax from GE Digital



bo-wandell-100-circle.pngBo Wandell

VP, North America

Infomill, Inc.

Have you ever submitted a question in the community? If someone answered correctly, did you mark it as correct?


This month, I'd like us to focus on that exactly: marking questions as answered and marking comments as correct.


Why is this important?

  • It helps users find information. If a user searches for an answer to their question and they see a related question already answered, this might save them time from searching or submitting a repeated question.
  • It's a great way recognition someone for their knowledge. It's a high five. Or a pat on the back. The user who answered correctly also receives points in the community.
  • It's a great metric for us community members to track. It helps us determine how helpful are community is being, and what we can focus on to make sure our users are getting the most our of this space.


Here's how to mark a response as correct, which will make a question as answered.




Then you'll earn a badge, and some points! As soon as you mark an answer correct, you will immediately receive a badge. As of right now, you can only earn the badge once.


Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 3.09.17 PM.png

As of today, we have 262 questions marked as answered. I'm looking forward to see that number go up this month!