The Future of Field Service: Connected Machines and The Internet of Things

Blog Post created by jeremy.frank Employee on Sep 18, 2014

We may all know it by a different name -- M2M, connected devices, industrial internet, etc. -- but I think many people agree that the Internet of Things will have an impact in the field service industry. At ServiceMax, we put together a fun infographic that outlines some of the areas of field service that we think will be impacted by connected machines. For example, preventive maintenance, for example, will be powered by machines telling service organizations that they are in need of some maintenance to prevent any downtime.


Check out the infographic below with some other thoughts on the impact of the Internet of Things.


I'd love to know in the comment how your company is approaching the internet of things. Is it on your radar? Are you already implementing processes and systems? Do you think it will have a big impact?


Click the image below to see the infographic: