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Who is ServiceMax?


It’s a question I’ve been slowly trying to answer during my time at this company. I was excited to gain more insight into this question as I walked into the On-Boarding | ServiceMax Way program. IMG_3976.jpgDave Yarnold, our CEO, would be explaining to the group who ServiceMax is and it’s history. As a no-corporate-world-experience intern, the term CEO has an intimidating connotation. The CEO is the big guy (or girl), the head honcho, the big cheese of a company. I wasn’t sure if I should expect a presentation filled with numbers and metrics or a discussion on future plans, or potentially both.


From the company’s beginning at Dreamforce 8 years ago, to our incredible growth, that made us the fastest growing field service software company in history, Dave touched on a variety of topics about our history and journey forward. By focusing on people, processes, products and promises and placing that all on top of the Salesforce app cloud, ServiceMax has designed a system that the people of the field service world need. Dave emphasized that the products and solutions are incredibly innovative, yet the company doesn’t take as much credit as it deserves. But it doesn’t stop here. Dave wants to expand field service education into universities and create various teaching programs for the future.


It’s this passion and the innovative system that makes ServiceMax, well, ServiceMax. “This combination differentiates us from our competitors” explained Dave. He not only applauded how people at ServiceMax “geek out” about the products and plans, but he essentially “geeked out” talking about it! His excitement was infectious.


Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 2.23.53 PM.png

Yes, he’s the CEO of a growing, innovative high tech company. And yes, he had a lot of impressive metrics and numbers to share with us.  But I was encouraged to see how down to earth Dave was. With values like respect and humility, Dave and the whole team are out to take advantage of the opportunities field service provides, and to help our customers do the same. His love for the company shined through. And he is definitely a great representation of who ServiceMax is: passionate, competitive, visionary and most importantly customer focused.


Community members: What was your first impression of ServiceMax?


What made an impression? Who, here in the community, have you had great conversations with?

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Marie Coon manages ServiceMax’s Knowledge Base*, our online self-help tool for customers and partners to utilize when looking for help with their ServiceMax product, or answer questions they may have. The Knowledge Base is an exclusive asset for our customers and partners, and Marie is passionate about the potential to build out essential information based on feedback here in the community. We interviewed Marie to find out more:




Why is it important for technology vendors to provide knowledge bases?


Knowledge bases are an important tool for customers to help themselves, 24x7.  While more complex issues will need the help of a support team, there are many times where an issue can be resolved or a question answered immediately by using a knowledge base, rather than sitting on hold for a support representative to answer, or waiting for a callback.


Why are you interested in knowledge sharing? Why did you go into this direction in your career?


I want to make the knowledge base an invaluable tool for customers and employees alike. My goal is to get information to the right person, at the right time, and in the right place. Providing answers and solutions will help customers be successful with their implementations, which is a win/win.  Happy customers help the company to succeed, and I get to help people!


What has been happening since ServiceMax Knowledge went live?


I have always enjoyed coming in on the ground floor and watching the vision come to life.  There is such a sense of accomplishment to see a knowledge base go live, and as adoption rates grow, the content continually improves and grows. 


Since we went live, more and more content has been contributed.  Many articles were revamped, and new ones have been introduced.   We instituted versioning, so you will see newer articles, as well as newly revised articles, will have application versions it applies to included at the top of each article.


How would you recommend a new customer go about getting started with ServiceMax Knowledge?

Once customers have access to the ServiceMax Community, they can visit the Knowledge Community page by clicking on the Customer Central link at the top of the page and selecting Knowledge Base from the menu dropdown.  You can also click on the ServiceMax Knowledge “sticker” displayed on the main page.


pic 1.png

pic 2.png


How can customers request new knowledge articles or provide feedback?


We have three blog posts on this:



Do you really read their feedback?


Of course!  I thrive on feedback from our customers.  Content is meant to be read, and if no one is reading, then knowledge is wasted.  Getting feedback shows me customers are coming to the Knowledge Community and actually looking at the content.


So what happens to this feedback?  Nothing - I just like to collect them.  Just Kidding!!!  The feedback is considered and a determination is made as to whether it is something that needs to be, or can be, addressed, and then routed to the correct person/department to handle the feedback.  Every effort is made to follow up on Its progress.


Do you have questions for the ServiceMax Community Members?




Is Customer Service important to you and your organization?


What actions do you take to help customers understand the service you are providing?


Thanks for reading and please reply in the comments below!

*This resource is in addition to other avenues available in the community, including logging a support case.  These articles are created by Support and other teams across the company in order to help customers find the answers they are looking for.