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In a follow up to her previous book, “A Diamond in the Rough”, Patrice Eberline is releasing her next book, “Into the Diamond Mine: A Field Service Transformation Handbook for Executives.”

“Think Big, because service and the way you manage your service business will never be the same again.”

Looking beyond the basics of service and the impact that service can make on customer satisfaction, Patrice now takes a deeper look into the nature of true service transformation - what it looks like and what outcomes to expect from it.

Join John Ragsdale, VP Research, Technology and Social at TSIA, as he sits down with Patrice to talk about her journey, thoughts and hopes for “Into the Diamond Mine”. During this live interactive webinar, you will learn:

  • What is Service Transformation and how do I begin the journey?
  • What roles do IoT, predictive analytics and technicians play in a Transformation?
  • What is the real and full value of a complete Service Transformation?


Thursday, October 5, 2017: 10AM PT / 1PM ET

Register and reserve your seat now >

Presented By:


John Ragsdale
VP Research, Technology and Social


patrice-80x100.jpgPatrice Eberline
VP, Customer Transformation
ServiceMax from GE Digital

And just like that, Maximize Las Vegas is over! It was three days packed with interesting new content, fun networking events, and collaborative conversations. Many of our community users attended, which is fantastic! So please, if you attended Maximize, joined the UG, or spoke at the event check out your badges. We wanted to recognize you for your contribution to our conference!


Here's what the badges look like!


attendee.jpgvegas customer- speaker.jpgvegas employee- speaker.jpgvegas partner- speaker.jpgvegas UG attendee.jpgvegas UG speaker.jpg


Visit Steve Nava's, Victoria Butt's, Eric Rivas', or Karen Mehal's profiles to see what they look like. If you're missing a badge you rightfully deserve, please let us know!


We also awarded 6 of our customers during our MaxChoice event.


Winners include:

  • ServiceMax Rookie of the Year: LiftOne, for outstanding accomplishment in their organization in their first year of implementation.
  • ServiceMax "We Keep the World Running" Award: PAC, whose use of ServiceMax keeps the world running and has become critical to serve their customers.
  • ServiceMax Customer Impact Award: Topcon Medical Systems, who has experienced a marked change in culture and transformation as it relates to their customers since implementing ServiceMax.
  • ServiceMax Business Impact Award: Molecular Devices, who realized exceptional business results and ROI through the adoption of a field service management strategy for their extended enterprise.
  • ServiceMax Innovation Award: Carrier, who has demonstrated innovative use of ServiceMax on mobile devices and in disconnected environments.
  • ServiceMax Raving Fan of the Year Award: Erikson Living, who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in field service and who has been a great advocate of ServiceMax.


We hope you gained as much out of the conference as we did, let us know here Are you excited about Maximize?

If you attended Maximize Las Vegas also have access to many of the breakout presentations. See 2017: Maximize Las Vegas Resources.


And if you weren't able to make it, don't forget about Maximize Tokyo and Berlin. Hope to see you there!

Have you heard of resiliency planning?


Instead of just focusing on recovery, communities and businesses are shifting gears to look to keep the lights on, figuratively and literally during high-demand, high-impact events. This week, I read in the GE Reports about technology that becomes relevant during natural disasters to keep the infrastructure up and functioning.


Weathering The Storm: This Tech Will Help Utilities Keep The Lights On - GE Reports


The blog post explores the emerging trend of “resiliency” planning, which emphasizes preparedness and infrastructure immunity to disaster. “Self-healing” electrical systems, for example, identify failing sections of the power network, isolate them and re-route power from other parts. A system built by weaving together a host of microgrids into a sturdy, quilt-like grid difficult to bring down is another solution. They could be immensely helpful in minimizing disruption when disaster strikes.


Field service organizations are the branch of the company that is on site with your customers most often. Your field service strategy will likely combine proactive, planned service visits and urgent, reactive break/fix scenerios. What technologies are in place? Is IoT in play to predict service needs? What about those times when urgent service is needed, across a wide portion of your customers?


Let's talk about your field service organizations in resilience and recovery modes.


How important is your field service coverage to your clients and their customers? What is at stake?

What are the events that lead to urgent influx of service requests?

And what are the people, process, and technology tools and tactics that you employ to keep things running and support recovery efforts?

Electricity is the lifeblood of our economies, powering factories, buildings—and, increasingly, our modes of transportation. Check out Seth Dunn's, ServiceMax's Industry Development Director, Power & Utilities, blog post on digital disruption.


Here's short preview:

Electricity is something many people don’t think about until the power goes out. And yet it is the lifeblood of our economies, powering factories, buildings—and, increasingly, our modes of transportation. As we have seen in the wake of Harvey, the consequences of power outages can be dire.

For the last 12 years, I have had the opportunity to be part of GE’s Renewable Energy remarkable growth story, which is part of the broader narrative of renewable energy becoming mainstream—and now the largest source of new power generation. I joined ServiceMax because I firmly believe that a digital disruption of the power and utilities world—what we at GE call the “Electricity Value Network” or EVN—is underway, and that field services represents the vanguard of this disruption.

How is field service management starting to disrupt the EVN? Who are the early adopters, and what results are they seeing? How can I digitally transform my services business so I stay ahead of the curve? Join me, ServiceMax customers and partners, GE experts, and industry thought leaders for an afternoon exploring these and other questions at Maximize in Las Vegas on Monday, September 18.

For more information on the Maximize Power & Utilities agenda, please check out this link:




We hope you’ll attend and explore the why and how of digitally disrupting your power & utility service business before being disrupted.

Real-time asset management is a maturing theme within the oil and gas industry that has not yet reached its full potential. Intelligent Oilfields, Smart Fields, Field of the Future, and iFields are just several examples of terms used in the oil & gas industry to describe the vision of real-time asset management in action.


Real-time asset management is the vision in which the industry transforms itself by continually moving toward delivering real-time information, thereby enabling real-time actions. Most companies, large and small, have taken the initial steps to instrument and automate, remote and distributed assets in the industry to collect and visualize data regarding the operational performance and health of those assets.


Predix and APM (asset performance management) from GE Digital analyzes and predicts asset performance, enabling the ability to make quicker and better informed decisions. Is your organization interested in real-time asset management using ServiceMax and APM technology? If so, register today for  maximize17 and the half-day oil & gas session. There we'll discuss solutions, trends, and strategies - I hope you can join!


Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 4.04.00 PM.png


To read my full blog, visit Field Service Digital.

In partnership with Field Technologies Online, Mark Homer, Head of Global Customer Transformation, will be presenting in a webinar on September 7th at 1:00 PM ET.


The conversation will be focused on the future. Drones, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are changing field service today. Service Technicians will need different skills than yesterday's simple break/fix mentality to work through data analytics, augmented reality, or remote mentoring. How are your technicians reacting?


These upcoming changes need thoughtful planning to solve, so join Mark tomorrow and learn more about transforming today's technicians into service engineers of the future!


Click here to register now.

205,000 miles.


That’s how far Apollo 13 was from earth on April 13, 1970, when an oxygen tank exploded, crippling the Service Module upon which the Command Module had depended. Despite well-documented hardships caused by limited power, freezing temperatures, a shortage of potable water, and the critical need to make fast repairs, the Apollo 13 crew returned safely to earth just days later.


As someone who grew up fascinated by the NASA space program, I am thrilled to share that Jim Lovell and Gene Kranz of the Apollo 13 mission will be keynote speakers at our annual customer event, Maximize 2017, this September in Las Vegas where they will share their stories of leadership, perseverance and competence.


Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 4.12.39 PM.png

The story of Apollo 13 is an extreme example of field service where “the machine” had to be fixed and decisions needed to be made quickly in a life-threatening situation. The majority of field service projects are not quite so dramatic, but they are still critical to their industries.

There are tens of millions of field service technicians around the world who maintain billions of machines that have a profound impact on our lives — in our homes, at our work, at our hospitals and cities and airports. Literally everywhere.

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 4.13.41 PM.png

Who are these everyday heroes? Are you one of them? I'd love hear your stories in the comments below, on Twitter (@dyarnold), or at Maximize 2017, the most valuable field service event in the industry. Review the Maximize agenda and register at I look forward to seeing you there!


To read the rest of my blog, visit Field Service Digital.