Nicole Guzzo

Monthly Community Goal: August

Blog Post created by Nicole Guzzo Employee on Aug 1, 2018

It's August, and August is for advancing-the-community-structure-and-layout? That may sound a little funny, but for this month's goal we are focused on getting your feedback.


You may have seen a discussion thread I posted a few weeks ago, Navigating the Community - What's your experience? We are looking to make some changes to our Community - the structure, the look, the feel, the experience, etc. However, we don't want to make these changes solely based on what we want, or generic community best practices. We want to know your thoughts, so we can tailor everything to OUR audience - you all.


The goal this month is to comment below and provide your thoughts on our Community.


Some questions you could answer:


- Community structure - how do you get to things?

- What do you think of discussion forums being more open to the general public? (We would do this so more people could benefit from your expertise, feedback, as it would pop up in Google search.)

- Do you want to see discussions organized by topic?

- Do you want to see designated product discussion areas?

- Does the top navigation bar make sense?

- How should user group spaces be organized - by location, by your stage in the customer lifecycle?

- Are there too many clicks to get to one space?

- Are the spaces too busy looking?


If you already answered this question on my other post, you'll notice you've already earned the August badge - yay!


So please, comment below and let us know what we're doing well, what we could work on, and what new ideas you have!


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