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The Search for a New, Improved Customer Experience– Monthly Community Goal: September

Blog Post created by Nicole Guzzo Employee on Sep 4, 2018

Since 2014, the ServiceMax Community has evolved in size, functionalities, and even appearance. We have over 5,000 members, over 5,000 pieces of content, and countless examples of field service experts learning from one another. As this community has continued to grow and mature, our platform Jive has been a stable tool that has supported our goals.


About a year ago, Jive-x (Jive’s external  community business) was acquired by Lithium, a software company that helps businesses connect with their customers on social media and digital channels. You can read more about the acquisition here.


What did this mean for ServiceMax?

There wasn’t an immediate change to our platform or our support. The Lithium/Jive-x continued to support our customer community, and we continued to focus on building programs, content and new ways to continuously improve the customer experience.


We eventually learned that Jive-x would no longer be innovating on their platform. This means that the team would continue to provide bug fixes and maintenance, but they’d encourage Jive-x customers to migrate to Lithium community, which is their true innovation platform.

In their Jive-x Customer Welcome FAQ, they shared:


To reiterate what we’ve been saying publicly since the acquisition announcement, the Jive-x platform will continue to be supported by Lithium for as long as customers choose to remain on it. While we are not planning to develop new features for Jive-x, we will continue to maintain the platform to ensure it remains a viable product for our customers.”


As we’ve shared in our community blog ( 2018: Instead of Resolutions, Game Plan for Goals), we are dedicated to continue to evolve our community platform to be an open, useful, and enjoyable platform for your continued collaboration and support. As Deirdre noted in January, our community tenets are: Openness, Transparency, Ease of Use, and Valuable Content.


We constantly read your feedback in the ServiceMax Community and look for ways to incorporate it into our plans. Some changes or adjustments are not always feasible, but we work with our technology vendor to find workarounds, we submit ideas for the future releases, and we are dedicated to leveraging new features and a best-in-class platform to provide a wonderful customer experience.


For Jive-x, we won’t see future versions with new, substantial updates, and we’re losing access to a community-focused product team strategizing to add innovative new product features to enable community members.


We can’t fulfill our promise to continuously improve your experience on a platform that isn’t evolving and taking advantage of the best new thought leadership in the community space. We want to make sure we’re giving you all the best possible experience on the ServiceMax Community.


So, this leads us on a search and a journey to an improved community experience! We’re working on a plan to launch changes and improvements to the ServiceMax Community, which will include a change in platform.


For full transparency, below are a few things we want:


  • To incorporate your input and feedback into the best way we can improve the community experience
  • To expand the scope of our platform, to offer collaboration and networking options across even more folks who are focused on digital transformation
  • An excellent technology platform that supports the same functionalities we currently use to power our community place (e.g. Idea Exchange, discussion/content creation, gamification, etc.)
  • A community platform created purely for peer-to-peer engagement, not just a “portal”, one that analysts feel is an exceptional player in the ‘ community’ industry, and a technology vendor who is laser-focused on the experience we want to deliver.
  • An analytics system that flows community data into customizable and shareable dashboards, and allows bulk export of data
  • A company that hosts intimate customer events for knowledge sharing, best practices and insights specifically in care and digital engagement


For the August Monthly Goal, I asked you to share how you think we can improve the Community. Because this is very important to us, I’d like to continue that conversation into September.  Are you interested in being an Early Adopter and a Key Stakeholder for our community improvements? To complete our September Community Goal, we are going to offer a few ways to be a key part of our transformation.


  1. Comment with ONE BRILLIANT Idea
  2. Volunteer for our SUPERUSER Interview Group



We were inspired by this post on, a great blog and consultancy on  communities: Your Members Really Want to Do Things That Matter.


Richard talks about how has thousands of user-submitted templates available to community members to download and leverage. We love the idea of user created content that saves other members time, money, raising the standards across the industry, and putting member content and ideas front and center to the community strategy.


With that in mind, we want to enable you to expand our community programs by suggesting new types of content / contests / programs we should add to this space. Here are a few examples to get your creative juices going:


Examples of ONE BRILLIANT ideas:

  • We should launch a photo contest: Where you use ServiceMax – photos of technicians in the field, funny, crazy, interesting, or team / group shots of your teams using ServiceMax, earning badges, prizes, points, like the gnome in Amelie or Travelocity commercials…
  • Cartoons, Videos, Drawings: A Creative way to tell a service story: The worst kind of customers, the hardest day, giving members a chance to think out of the box and submit something interesting to tell a service story.
  • A Scavenger Hunt in the Community: A la READY PLAYER ONE, enable community members to create a series of easter eggs, that other community members can discover…
  • Contact List: Pages of Community contacts according to their location, profile details, etc


Earn the September Badge: Post your ONE BRILLIANT Idea:  Post a comment below, with your ONE BRILLIANT Idea, like the examples, or by answering this question. Like the comments you think are best, to help us know which you like. Every member who submits an Idea will earn the September badge and points. We may even reach out and see if you want to blog on your idea.


What kind of game, contest or competition, could we add to the community?

In an ideal world, what one new thing would you, as a ServiceMax customer or field service expert, find in our community, that will help other members be happy, delighted, and successful?


Volunteer for our SUPERUSER Interview Group

We want to know what’s going to improve your user experience, and what will make our community the go-to place for field service experts around the world.  Comment on this blog and volunteer. You’re committing to joining the Community SUPERUSER group and we’ll be in touch with follow up questions, which we will ask by phone, email, or virtual call.  We’ll ask you questions about what’s on your Community wish list, and give you early access to our new community look and feel.


Again, reply below to join!


We’re excited to continue our community journey, and we hope you are too!