Nicole Guzzo

Monthly Community Goal: November

Blog Post created by Nicole Guzzo Employee on Nov 21, 2018

The season of giving is among us, and at ServiceMax we're working really hard to give you a community that'll help you with your service needs.


From the organization of content, to the physical design, to the way you search - we're evaluating all of it with the plan to give you something greater than what we already have going.


Over the last few weeks, many of you have shared what you want to see improved - thank you! It's great to see that our users take the time to stop what they're doing, evaluate the community, and provide helpful feedback. It shows you care, and we appreciate it.


One feature that we want to focus on is our gamification system.


What do you want to see gamified? What actions? What do you think deserves the most points?


For example, when you comment on a post, you earn 2 points, when you vote on an idea, you earn 2 points, and if your response to a question is marked as corrected, you earn 8 points.


But we also have other challenges, like if you complete this goal, you'll earn 50 points, or if you fill out the social media fields on your profile, you earn 35 points. (See Monthly Community Goal: January )


So we want to know, what actions deserve points? What do you think deserves the most points? Comment below, and you'll earn 50 points.


While you're here, tell us your favorite game you like to play! A board game? A game on your phone? A video game? A childhood game?