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Derek Korte here, editor at Field Service Digital. I'm hoping to profile several field service technicians around the world with their vehicles. Driving's part of the job, and techs no doubt spend a lot of time in their vehicles — whether it's a white van in the U.S., a station wagon in the U.K., a Fort Transit in Europe. Field techs' vehicles are as diverse as the technicians behind the wheel, and the machines the machines they fix. I'm hoping to capture that eclectic mix of jobs/fleets in a story that will publish on Field Service Digital.


Here's the gist: It'll be a short profile of each technician with him/her posing with their vehicle. I'll include a few details on the vehicle (make, model, year, how many miles on the odometer) and perhaps an anecdote or two.


Do you have a trusty work vehicle that you love (or love to hate)? Let me know at Thanks!