Following People, Places, and Content

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Keep track of what's going on in the Community with ease by following people or places by Following.





What can you follow?

  • Places: Groups or Spaces in the community that have content that is interesting to you
  • People: You can follow individuals in the community, to see what they are posting and connect with them.
  • Content: Keep up to date on a discussion, or document that interests you

How to follow?

  • Follow Places

    • Spaces: Go to the Space you want to Follow (e.g. Network and Share ) and click Follow in the top right of the Space header
    • Groups: Go to the Group you want to Follow (e.g. MaxLive2014 ) and click Follow in the top right of the Group header


Note: You can also Join Groups - this will also allow you to follow the content, as well as allowing you to become a Member of the group (for some groups membership is required to participate).

  • Follow People:

  • You can follow people in two ways.
    • Hover over their Avatar anywhere in the community and select Follow


    • Go to their profile page and select Follow


    • When someone Follows you in the community, you will receive a notification and be prompted to follow them back.

Note: Following people is required to perform some actions in the community, such as Direct Messaging, which allows you to send other community members private messages.

  • Follow Content

    : Follow any individual piece of content (discussion, document, blogpost etc.) in the community that interests you. Simply go to the content and choose Follow on the top right of the page.



Where to find what I'm Following?

You will notice when you choose to follow any place, person or content, you are provided with a few options, which will allow you to consume the information in a way that works the best for you.


  • Connections Stream: everything you Follow will automatically go to your Connections Stream - which creates a custom Activity Stream based on your preferences (what you Follow).
    • You can find your Connections Stream by clicking Inbox & Activity from your personal drop down and look for Connections Stream.


    • You can also create custom streams. For more information check out @Custom Streams
  • Inbox: Your Inbox features activity that's most relevant to you in the  Community. This includes replies to discussions you’ve created or are participating in, @mentions, content people share with you, and content you’re tracking in your activity stream.
  • Stop Following: you will no longer be following the item (no notifications are sent if you stop Following).
For more information on how to subscribe and be notified on what you are Following, check out How To: Manage your Notifications