Solta Medical Case Study

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    Solta Medical

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    With ServiceMax, Solta could automate the tracking of products at customer locations and keep multiple-level configuration information current including serialized assemblies, components, software and firmware



    Medical devices



    Solta Medical, Inc. (Nasdaq: SLTM)
    Overview On the Road to Success with...

    Solta needed a scalable platform to support near-term product and customer growth and a recent merger.

    The company needed to improve upon a manual, custom integration with an ERP system to improve their RMA processes. The company also saw that web access to a complete customer and product history could significantly improve their efficiency and revenue generating programs.

    Improved revenue streams- Sales teams now have access to all customer cases,

    warranties and customer history, enabling them to identify sales and cross sell



    Increase in renewal visibility and opportunity generation. 

    Service contracts are now

    visible and renewal times are

    Solta Medical Case Study