Why Smart Marketers Care About Field Service

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    Savvy marketers know that happy customers are key to building brand recognition and word-of-mouth, and that good customer stories work wonders to pique the interest of a potential lead. Hence, the Net Promoter Score has emerged as a key metric for the CMO. If tracking and increasing your Net Promoter Score (NPS) is on your priority list, good coordination with your service team is a requirement. After all, who else within the organization is most likely to impact the customer’s happiness?


    Top 3 Reasons to Care About Field Service:
    • Field Service techs are the face of your brand – they will either bolster your brand efforts or destroy it
    • Social technologies have changed the game – both negative and positive brand interactions can quickly go viral
    • Happy customers are your best spokespeople (think of all the case studies and testimonials you can generate)
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