7 Ways Service Culture can Drive Revenue

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    Every field service manager and executive strives for the same goal: delight customers while generat- ing significant revenue and profits. But achieving this holy grail of field service often proves elusive. Why? Because companies generally approach the issues facing their service organization from a tacti- cal perspective while ignoring the necessary cultural changes that are equally important.


    Your company has a service culture, whether you know it or not. But is that service culture promoting the right values? Does it create a focus on your key business drivers? And is it pervasive and power- ful enough to really define the way your employees work everyday?


    • Make sales a priority

    • Become a technology driven organization

    • Create and empower a collaborative environment

    • Promote the virtues of communication and the free flow of information

    • Build motivation through incentives

    • Ensure field service is always "tapped-in"
    • Treat service as its own business


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