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Deirdre Yee
Welcome to the ServiceMax Community, a space for exchanging advice and best practices, and generating group learning and innovation around Field Service success!   Take a moment to introduce yourself here. You can browse the thread and hover over other members' names to see their business card detail. Click in to view their whole profile,

Richard Lewis
Welcome to the second blog in this series, focusing on speeding up your navigation when using Salesforce.   Search for Records Customize What You See Tabs for Navigation Related Lists on a Page Sections on a Page Keyboard Shortcuts These customizations aren't global changes for all users—they’re
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Nicole Guzzo
ServiceMax has experienced a ton of "new" this year. From our GE acquisition, to  Maximize 2017 in Las Vegas, to various product release updates, to over 600 new ServiceMax community members, we truly thrive in change.   One thing that has remained consistent through all this adoption is our excellent customer base. We invest largely