What trend is most impactful for Field Service in Life Sciences & Medical Device organizations?

Poll created by Deanna Savon Employee on Feb 26, 2016

I've worked extensively with medical device organizations as we implement field service technology to support their technicians. I've had a chance to observe how several key trends in the medical device industry are contributing to the overall importance of service excellence. My contacts are ensuring service is an integral part of their overall business strategies to deliver flawless customer experiences and drive company growth.


Servicing medical devices in the field is unlike any other form of field service. For companies in other industries, equipment downtime means a loss of revenue and productivity, but in the medical device industry, often times human lives are at stake as well. In a high-risk environment, medical device service engineers must ensure complex machinery stays up and running, all while adhering to strict FDA regulations.


Which trend is affecting the Life Science and Medical Device industry the most?


What changes have you observed, and what's the best way forward?


Vote below and comment with your observations, anecdotes, experiences etc. I'll vote and share my own stories in the comments!

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  • Increased Regulation
  • Healthcare Provider Consolidation
  • Emerging Market Growth
  • Other - please leave a comment