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Artificial Intelligence: Is It Part of Your Roadmap?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Artificial Intelligence: Is It Part of Your Roadmap?


Innovative companies are pulling elements of artificial intelligence (AI) out of the pages of science fiction and incorporating them as practical, profitable, and actionable concepts for field service.

Simply put, AI enables computers to perform tasks that normally require intelligence used by humans. You may not realize it, but artificial intelligence is already deployed all around you: whenever Siri responds to your question, whenever a music station suggests the next song you might like, or in each smart car, smart washing machine, smart TV, even new smart hairbrushes.


Practical uses for artificial intelligence are growing and Indresh Satyanarayana, Chief Architect at ServiceMax, spoke in an interview about the smart way to start leveraging the technology to service equipment running right for technicians.

With more interconnected machines and technicians, the overall process can be much more smooth and efficient, conserving money, time, and resources for all. Indresh is already considering ways to leverage artificial intelligence,  from “enabling natural language processing in our mobile applications to realizing autonomous field work by enabling AI-based decision making".

However, figuring out how computers and humans work together is no easy task. Satyanarayana explained that, "AI and machine learning concepts operate at a fundamental level in product and feature design, and can sometimes lead to false positives if the data being fed into it isn't robust." Organizations must look at their long term vision and embrace a holistic perspective in our to improve the field service industry with AI. Automation, a natural user experience, and outcome-first machine learning are a few areas that could work well with a holistic, AI strategy.

With the right amount of time, the right kind of knowledge, and the right mindset, organizations will develop the right strategy to incorporate AI into their products and services.


To read more about ServiceMax and AI, check out this article here. Or if you want to hear more about Indresh Satyanarayana’s thoughts on artificial intelligence, check out this post from Field Service Digital.

How can elements of AI help service organizations in your industry? How can they improve the customer experience? Is it a part of your field service roadmap?


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