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Customer Stories: ServiceMax Client Shout Outs!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Customer Stories: ServiceMax Client Shout Outs!

We have so many accomplished customer experts in the community. Customer stories / experiences / best practices are the heart of our in-person user groups. 

Each time we run a user group, we get to talk with volunteer customer leaders who come up with topics to share in networking discussions. In those calls, I've learned about so many innovative, effective, and impactful programs you have designed. And you have the metrics to prove it!

At the same time, lots of us feel uncomfortable bragging about our achievements, unprompted. But we all know that business success is built on finding the right metrics that we should focus on, seeing how we can measure them, designing the programs and tactics that help move those needles, and sharing results. When you share your results, others can emulate your path to success. And we all win together. Win-win-win (as Michael Scott would put it)

Customers, let's hear about some of the programs you've designed that have transformed your field service business, and your company as a whole!  ServiceMax team, you know your customers don't like to brag. Why don't you share the great results you've heard about from our customers?

On our website, we've collected some of the success stories from our clients, here. 


Looking forward to a rich thread of shout outs - KPIs improved upon, executives impressed, customers delighted!

Impressive library of field service chefs!Impressive library of field service chefs!



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