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Planned/preventive maintenance

Looking for recommendations on 'best practices' and if any customization/other plug ins are used to manage Planned/preventive maintenance processes, as our customized process is not working as we would like.

We are looking to solve for  schedule based, hour based, types, annual inspections, will call, and initial from OEM pm wo generation. We use about 25,000 units in our PM system, and also require a pricing agreement linkage. Releasing PM's at will or automatically, as well as reporting and forecasting.

Please share what is working for you!

As well as if you use any third party bolt-ons...



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Not sure if you received any info outside of this post.

There are a lot of moving parts to the Service Contract PM Engine. The PM Schedule Template has Weeks, Months and Years as the OOB. So you can schedule around these units. Not sure about hours, as the documentation (in Summer '19) only has time based sections as listed above. We have some products that require 2 PMs in one year. The system can be setup to handle situations like this. The same with Validations/Qualifications, we just change the name to Validation, etc..

For Will Call is this an unscheduled break fix call?