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Promise For Smartwatches in the Field?


Promise For Smartwatches in the Field?

apple-watch-features-apps-2 copy.pngCan you think of an industry other than field service where literally every new type of technology hardware is relevant any may have a practical use? Let's think about a few recent ones:

        • 3D Printing: Don't want to carry trunk stock or tons of inventory? 3D printing may be the inventory manager's best friend with parts printed on-demand.
        • Google Glass: Yes, Google Glass has gone away temporarily but I think a majority of people would agree that field service was one of the most compelling use cases for it
          • Mobile: Ok, mobile has been around a while, but how many functions absolutely require ? There aren't many, but field service is certainly one of them.

The latest is the Apple Watch. While smart watches are not new, Apple does always seem to have a way to make their version of various technologies more palatable and useful to consumers. Ultimately, businesses follow right behind. The iPad, for example, was not the first tablet to the market, but it certainly was the first widely used tablet in field service.

So will the Apple Watch have a place in field service? ServiceMax director of product management Amit Jain thinks that it's promising. In this article on Field Service Digital, he outlined three areas where the Apple Watch could impact field service, but admits that a lot of this is just speculation and we will have to wait and see how it's adopted -- and how technology vendors like ServiceMax create apps for it (we'll keep you updated about that!)

As field service leaders, what do you think? We could wait and see, but that's no fun! Do you think watches will play a role in the daily activities of a field service technician? If the cost of a watch comes down, as Apple products usually do, will the cost be worth it? What are some of the use cases you think technicians could use a smartwatch for? Please let the community know your thoughts in the comments!


Re: Promise For Smartwatches in the Field?

Definitely agree that Google Glass was ahead of it's time, and it's use, along with other peripherals like Apple Watch, are just the start of fully integrated augmented workforce.

I could easily foresee one day utilizing these to examine an issue, see what needs to be fixed, whether the items needed are currently available, and if not have a mobile 3D printer create the needed tool.