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Reminder: ServiceMax Community Kitchen is Moving!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Reminder: ServiceMax Community Kitchen is Moving!

In case you missed it, we announced in our Core 21.1 webinar that the ServiceMax Community Kitchen will relaunch on a new platform on June 15 2021!

View Into The New CommunityView Into The New Community

We are migrating our forums, groups, knowledge bases, contests, and idea exchanges to Salesforce Experience Cloud.


Why we're moving, explained

We see a lot of potential in tying our community experience in with key data in our CRM.

We leverage Salesforce for our CRM (Like many of our customers!) and know that there are a lot of data points that we will be able to leverage to roll out personalized experience and improvements to your community experience.

Initially, there won’t be too many huge changes, just a few improvements and a goal to replicate the most useful areas in the community. Once we’ve migrated our content and users, and we see that we have achieved a stable migration, we’ll get to the powerful personalization options that we are so excited about.

And there are some immediate improvements. For example: We hate that our users who have case portal access need to login to the community to reply to a discussion thread and then login again to the case portal if they search for a solution that way. We’re fixing that.

What are some new features?

  • My Feed view on homepage will float all content, users, and activity that you have subscribed to, you can toggled between this and the latest activity on the community
  • More powerful, comprehensive searching across topics, discussions, articles, and people
  • Each product page allows you to explore the discussions, ideas, knowledge articles, and experts from our unified view.
  • Better topics – now all the topics for knowledge and ideas and discussion forums are aligned so you’ll have an easier time navigating and discovering useful content.
  • For those with case portal access – enjoy a simplified, unified experience – you only sign in once and you’ll see all discussions, ideas, blogs, knowledge articles in the same view as your cases.
  • Simplified leaderboards tied to ranking system
  • Improved performance and stability
  • Clean, modern user interface

How the move will affect you

Read Only Quiet Period

From June 4th – June 15th, the Kitchen will undergo a quiet period and will be in read-only mode. You’ll still have access to all the great content, you can search, explore and learn. But you can’t make any updates, like anything, or change anything. The next time the community is live, you’ll be with us on our new platform.


Password Reset

We’ll be sending out password reset emails to community members the day we go live, on June 15th. You’ll click the reset link in that email to reset your password. From then on, you’ll login with your email address associated with your account and your new password

Some Changes in the Game

We are setting up many of the same badges in the community. We are also tweaking and improving our ranks. We will focus on points earned through actions in the community that add value – we had focused less on points in the platform we are now, but we got feedback from you that you missed points, so we’re moving back! Actions are worth more or less points based on adding value -> Posting a new discussion or question gives you some points, and having your reply marked as a solution is extremely valuable – so it’s worth more points.


Your point total is not visible today in the community, and you’ll see it after the migration. Points will include some retroactive activity before migration!


Submitting feedback and questions

This area, Beyond Field Service discussions, will be a great way to submit public feedback and questions about the changes in launch. At any time, before launch or after the launch, you can leave comments on this thread.



Did you know solutions are the most powerful thing in this community?  When someone answers your question - only you can mark it as a solution.
Help other members find valuable content faster - Mark Responses As Solutions and give out Kudos (Likes)!