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Product Team

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Hi All,


@Catherine_Kim and I have been working with @Nicole_Guzzo and @deirdre_yee to continue improving the experience on Community Kitchen. We have been collecting a lot of feedback around enhancements, bugs, and just overall what one would want to get out of this space.


Some changes have already been made (hopefully you’ve seen them!) but we’re looking to do more. We’d like to ask for your participation (yet again) in helping us better cater the experience on Community to you! With that said, we have put together a simple online activity that will give us some great insights into how we can make this space more beneficial to you. You can find the activity here: https://servicemaxcommunity.optimalworkshop.com/optimalsort/kitchen


Please comment below with any comments, questions, or concerns. We look forward to seeing your groupings!