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Supporting Sales & Service with the Right Systems

Community Manager
Community Manager

Supporting Sales & Service with the Right Systems

Sales and service go hand and hand, and @maarit_teittine KNOWS this! Check out her user group topic from Maximize London.

Question for the Table:

  • Which departments are aligned, involved, or invested in service success?
  • Sales? Marketing? R&D?


  • What CRM are you integrated with?
  • How is your system landscape supporting your sales and service team?

Metso's Process

  • Different kind of sales cases: customer request vs. maintenance / proactive sales
  • Sales can go into CRM, see input from ServiceMax& see status = real time view into customer information

Generating Revenue

  • How are your service teams capturing leads and sharing with sales?
  • Service teams are only ones on-site, meeting customers
  • Service teams do their job, but also have to generate leads – best way to do both?
  • How can we measure the sales – service process?


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