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Take One Step Closer to Real-Time Asset Management


Take One Step Closer to Real-Time Asset Management

Real-time asset management is a maturing theme within the oil and gas industry that has not yet reached its full potential. Intelligent Oilfields, Smart Fields, Field of the Future, and iFields are just several examples of terms used in the oil & gas industry to describe the vision of real-time asset management in action.

Real-time asset management is the vision in which the industry transforms itself by continually moving toward delivering real-time information, thereby enabling real-time actions. Most companies, large and small, have taken the initial steps to instrument and automate, remote and distributed assets in the industry to collect and visualize data regarding the operational performance and health of those assets.

Predix and APM (asset performance management) from GE Digital analyzes and predicts asset performance, enabling the ability to make quicker and better informed decisions. Is your organization interested in real-time asset management using ServiceMax and APM technology? If so, register today for  maximize17 and the half-day oil & gas session. There we'll discuss solutions, trends, and strategies - I hope you can join!

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