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Aberdeen Group: Field Service 2012

Aberdeen Group: Field Service 2012




This recent Aberdeen report explores the connection between effectively managing field resources and attaining improved customer satisfaction, higher customer retention and increased profitability.  Field Service organizations are increasingly turning to workforce management solutions to ensure that they have the right technicians in place, powered by the right tools, to deliver the desired experience to service customers.

In December 2011 and January 2012, Aberdeen Group surveyed 220 service professionals.

Best-in-Class Performance

Those defined as Best-in-Class exhibited the following traits:

  • 88% level of first-time fix (71% for all others) and 10% reduction in reoslution times over the previous 12 months.
  • 83% level of workforce utilization (62% for all others) and a 15% increase in workforce productivity over the previous 12 months.
  • 92% compliance with stated response or project completion times (78% for all others)

Competitive Maturity Assessment

Survey results show that the firms enjoying Best-in-Class performance are:

  • Seventeen percent more likely (58% vs. 48%) than all others to create field service schedules two times a day or more frequently
  • Forty precent more likely (80% vs. 57%) than all others to have service leadership in charge of forecasting and resource planning
  • Thirty-six percent more likely (61% vs. 45% than all others to leverage field service management applications

Required Actions

To achieve Best-in-Class performance, companies must:

  • Make service management responsible for forecasting and planning
  • Integrate parts ino scheduling criteria
  • Move away from manual paper-based scheduling and increase investments in mobility
  • Evaluate scheduling and planning accuracy frequently
  • Tie field technician variable compensation to team goals, customer feedback, and revenue-generating leads

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