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Sushi Chef susanbmichel
Sushi Chef

Auto-Entitlement - Contract Ranking

Provide the ability to auto-entitle a Case or Work Order based on a service contract ranking. Today, if multiple service contracts exist for an Installed Product, the entitlement engine will pick the first contract that was created. We would like to add another layer to the engine to rank those contract types to force the auto-entitlement to pick the more comprehensive coverage. The user would still have a chance to manually entitle the Case or Work Order to choose a contract type lower down on the list. One typical scenario is when an Installed Product has both a hardware and a software contract on it. We want the auto-entitlement engine to always apply the hardware contract in this scenario. This change would enable us to prevent mis-entitled cases and ensure the customer is receiving the best possible coverage for a service call or planned maintenance.

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Re: Auto-Entitlement - Contract Ranking

Yes, sorting by a field on the contract, and possibly even the ability to use qualification criteria to filter the which contracts/warranties are considered in auto-entitlement rules would be very valuable.

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Product Team
Product Team

Re: Auto-Entitlement - Contract Ranking

Although we have not determined a way to offer rankings, we will be addressing this use case through a similar enhancement slated for 19.2 Release. New functionality for Auto-Entitlement behavior will include the ability to configure the entitlement engine to check for multiple contracts/warranties when running entitlement for a WO. If multiple contracts are found, the entitlement engine will not pick one as it has in the past, but will instead provide an alert on the work order to indicate that multiple entitlements are valid. The user can then run manual entitlement and select the most appropriate contract/warranty to associate to the WO.


Lacy Cotton-Hodgson
Product Manager
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