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Community Manager

EMEA User Group: What do you want to see in 2015?

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ServiceMax User Group Europe: Monday, November 2nd 2015 at MaxLive Europe


Field Service and IT Professionals who are managing the ServiceMax platform, leading teams, experienced super users and looking to plan for the future and grow their success.

You are interested in influencing the strategy for your field service teams, you are expert in, or deeply interest in exploring building field service culture, enhancing ROI, rolling out analytics and reporting, leveraging integrations, and marketing and promoting your programs.

Members include superusers who are close to the field service teams, business owners who are influencing the strategy, training programs, and coordination of field service teams, and IT experts who coordinate technology and human resources for success. You are responsible for the success of the field service team, you make decisions in terms of upgrading the software. You may own the field service program, or be instrumental in making recommendations for the future of your program.


Access a network of users and experts in your region, understand what other customers are building, what they know is important for field service success.

What challenges do you share? Which solutions have been successful for your peers? What expertise do you have to offer? What are your biggest questions? Join this peer group to share and learn!

Ok, I'm in. Now What:

1.  Register and Join Us In Paris

The next EMEA User Group meeting is on Monday, November 2nd at MaxLive Europe

Register Today!

Check the box for Customer User Group when registering and we will be in touch soon with planning details and prompts to help you play a leadership role in the event!

2. Get Connected Online Today!

Request to join the Virtual EMEA User Group on this community: EMEA User Group

All Active ServiceMax Customers based in EMEA will be approved!*

*At MaxLive Paris 2014, the EMEA User Group decided to make this space private for this audience and existing group members OK all EMEA Customer Contacts.

Reply to this thread with any questions, access issues and feedback!

What is the best user group you have ever attended?

What made it work?

What do you want to see from fellow customers - what would bring you the most business value in terms of networking topics?

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