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Community Manager
Community Manager

Endorse Experts In the Community

Endorsing Other User’s Skills

In addition to adding skills to your profile to enhance search’s ability to find you, you can endorse other users for the skills they have, even if they do not have the skill listed!


Endorse a user for a listed skill

1. Navigate to the user’s profile overview

2. In the skills section, hover your mouse over the skill and a blue plus will appear directly to the right of the skill

3. Click the plus to endorse the user

4. The number to the far right of the skill should increase, or start with 1 if there were no current endorsements

Endorse a user for a skill that is not listed

1. Navigate to the user’s profile overview

2. In the skills section, click the Endorse button

3. Enter the skill in the tag field

4. Click the Endorse button to finalize the tag

5. The user will be notified of the endorsement in their Jive Inbox.  If they accept the tag it will be added to their profile with the endorsement set to 1.  If they reject it, it will not be added.

Endorsements add weight to search results.  If you have 5 people endorsing you for community management and I have just two, you will come up higher in the results when one searches for community management.

Search for others who have been endorsed

Mobile Expertise

ServiceMax Community Expertise

Training Expertise

Enter your own search term: Leverage Search to check who has been endorsed

Follow them to increase your network!

And don't forget to follow your contacts

If you follow them and they follow you, you will officially be each other's 'connection' which means you'll each gain access to even more interaction and profile details. Follow from the same profile screen, click follow in the top right, below their banner photo.