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Everything You Need to Know About Smart Sync- new Maxpert video series

As you in the ServiceMax community know, there is a lot to understand when it comes to field service management.  We feel that the best way to explain key topics is to give our ServiceMax experts in product management a whiteboard and hit record. This first video features Colby Lavin, Director of Product Management talking about mobile synchronization—how mobile apps work while offline by syncing up with the online server.

Did you know 73% of Americans feel panicked if they misplace their smartphone? Now think about a field service technician or engineer stuck without internet connectivity. He is constantly on the road and expected to not only represent the company, but also deliver exceptional service. And sync for the needs of field service is a harder problem than you might expect for software developers—which is why we have spent over five years building our Smart Sync engine for optimal offline performance. Watch this Maxpert whiteboard session to learn more, and stay tuned for future videos on other ServiceMax product topics.


Close up of Whiteboard