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Community Manager

Field Service, Sales and Marketing - A match made in “the cloud”

Field Service, Sales and Marketing - A match made in "the cloud"


As any good field technician will tell you – it’s all about productivity. But, as a field service

manager you know that when you provide up-to-date part inventories, schedule efficiently or

enable techs with immediate service reporting, you actually empower them to delight your

customers. Let’s face it; your operational excellence is the pillar that supports your customers’

satisfaction and future sales. So how do you take all of that great productivity producing activity

and use it to delight customers and drive revenue? Here are a couple of hints.

Put sales, marketing and field service data together.

The next step is to make these important activities happen consistently and with ease.

You don’t want your techs reporting completed job details in one system, just to return with a handwritten note for your sales team about the extended

warranty the customer asked for.