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Improving Adoption in Field Service Management

Working in the SaaS ecosystem, I’ve had front row seats to see cloud computing revolutionize the way business is conducted in many industries. Field service has certainly not been an exception. Technicians in the field can now access and log real-time information on a mobile phone or tablet from wherever they’re working. But just because updating field service information can be done from anywhere doesn’t mean it will be. Overcoming poor technology adoption still remains a significant hurdle for many companies in Field Service Management (FSM). Here are a couple methods I’ve found to be effective at overcoming the adoption hurdle.


How Do I Improve Adoption?

  1. Make the Process Easy

Technology adoption hinges on both ease-of-use and value. If a technology is easy to use but doesn’t have much value, then adoption is essentially a waste of time. Valuable but hard to use technologies may be worth adopting, but the time it takes to make them work can negate the value. For improved adoption to occur, a technology must have a healthy balance of both.

  1. Bring Technology to the End Users

The secret to improving adoption lies in bringing actionable information to the end user rather than making them seek it out. And regardless of job function, the one place employees can’t escape is the inbox. Everyone uses email. What if you could allow field service technicians to complete work orders, schedule repairs, view contracts right from their Gmail or Outlook inbox?

The ServiceMax Marketplace now offers an integration that’s both easy to use and brings valuable technology to the end users. You can now update ServiceMax right from your Outlook or Gmail inbox. Take a look at the Microsoft Office 365 video linked below to see how easy it can be:

Cirrus Insight + ServiceMax

“This enables everyone from our executives to our sales engineers and our field service personnel to be updated and informed in regards to projects and customers. Cirrus Insight allows us to log conversations, important emails and documents to ServiceMax, which increases efficiency. Cirrus Insight supports custom objects from ServiceMax, so we are able to create and edit work orders directly from our email, which speeds up the dispatch process, allowing us to better and more quickly service our customers' needs.”

The Cirrus Insight + ServiceMax integration and these suggestions are not the be-all and end-all for technology adoption. I have a unique perspective, but I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

How do you improve adoption of new technology in field service?

What programs and applications do you currently use?

What adoption problems are you still currently having?

I look forward to the conversation!

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