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Community Manager
Community Manager

Join Us For The Ride: The New Community and The Journey to Field Service Success


We are so pleased to welcome you to be a part of the most exciting new initiative at ServiceMax: the revamped ServiceMax community! And I'm even more pleased to be here as a newly minted ServiceMax employee, to meet you, learn from you, and jump into the rich and enthusiastic community of field service professionals! I have a long history of making social and collaborative spaces work for serious business professionals, and have enjoyed working with some truly incredible customers who are celebrating their successes, tackling their challenges, and helping their peers.

Peer to peer networking is an incredibly rich resource for professionals who are looking to do their jobs better, consider new projects, increase their ROI, and network across their industry.  In my last role before ServiceMax, I got to see firsthand the results of investing time in connecting across a global extended network via a dynamic online community. I was proud to partner with leading development professionals who leveraged an online community to make new connections, debate best practices, solve challenges, and build award-winning programs to enable their people.

I am so excited to be a part of this new community space and to do whatever I can to help connect each of you to others in the field service space. Investing time here in the community will help you to connect across the best minds in the industry, from ServiceMax customers, partners, employees, and beyond! Customers can play a role in the future of ServiceMax products in the Product Hub. Field Service professionals can share their expertise, goals, questions, and ideas for the future in our Network and Share space. There's much to explore here in the new community, and even more coming.

I hope you will take a look around, kick the tires, and please please please post here in the About this Community group with all of your feedback and thoughts about what will make this community useful and valuable for you.

Earlier this week, Dave Yarnold, ServiceMax's CEO, shared with me his excitement for this moment in time for field service and what's coming next. He believes that ServiceMax customers are poised to participate in a dynamic, engaging, collaborative place where they can optimize their partnership with ServiceMax and share best practices, challenges, achievements, and thought leadership in the field service industry.

The landscape of field service is evolving rapidly and our fantastic customers, enthusiastic employees, and knowledgable partners are determined to arm their teams with every advantage, in every way possible.

Again, welcome!  Follow me to keep up with latest community updates, take a look around, and join us for the ride!

Deirdre Yee

Community Manager

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Re: Join Us For The Ride: The New Community and The Journey to Field Service Success

Really looking forward to seeing all our collaborative customers in action here on the community!  We have such a great customer base with so many smart and fun people.  What a great way to get everyone together. Excited!

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Re: Join Us For The Ride: The New Community and The Journey to Field Service Success

The more we can create a Field Service Market / Field Service Market Awareness by interconnecting the entire industry the more power the industry as a whole will have in influencing business decisions that focus on their Field Service teams.

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