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Litepoint ServiceMax Customer Story

Customer Stories: Litepoint

“We’re driving service revenues, making them a big part of LitePoint’s revenue, and now we have a tool we can do that with.”

— Kyle Hurlbut, Director, Engineering Services

Customer Story

Litepoint designs and develops testers for the many different antennas in mobile phones. The company used to run services with complex databases, spreadsheets, and a whole lot of paper. With the rapid growth of smartphones, a big challenge for the company was how to scale depot repair operations while continuing to provide a high level of service to customers. Another challenge brought about by manual processes, was that Litepoint had all the data, but no meaningful way to surface or act on it. This lack of visibility made it hard to prioritize the areas of the business in need of improvement. No wonder the company considered ServiceMax a disruptive technology that allowed the company to take service operations to a whole new level. Now, tighter oversight over key metrics like repairs per service engineer are easy to surface. Awareness by engineers using ServiceMax Mobile for iPad features, like SLA clocks that measure the time left to repair a device has helped decrease the average time to repair by 40%. New service revenue has soared to over 500% with the introduction of more standardized fixed price repairs as well as new offerings, like extended warranties, refurbishing and rentals.

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