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Luminex ServiceMax Customer Story

Customer Stories: Luminex

“From the beginning of service to the end of service, all the technician needs is his iPad.”

— Steve Nava, Diretor of Field Service

Customer Story

Luminex didn’t just implement ServiceMax to solve their service problems; it also helped change the company’s culture to one that focuses on building closer relationships with its customers and empowering collaboration. Luminex’s service organization fixes complex bioliogical testing equipment used by researchers to discover treatments for diseases, and ServiceMax and were the backbone to their service transformation. Luminex started by rolling out iPads to all of its technicians. With ServiceMax Mobile for iPad, all customer and product information was at their fingertips, and each piece of the field service process could be completed on the iPad - from accepting a work order to debrief to getting the customer’s signature. Chatter and ServiceMax’s ServicePulse became a powerful tool for the technicians who now alert any department within Luminex of customer needs, whether it is training, an upgrade or even a potential sales opportunity. The mobile devices also promote Luminex’s innovative brand. Technicians now present an iPad for signature, rather than a piece of paper or dated laptop, like in the past. With ServiceMax, technicians are happier, Luminex’s customers receive a higher level of service, and managers and executives now have visibility and clear insights that help them better understand and build closer relationships with their customers.

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