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Maximize Excitement, Mobile App, & ERP [Community All Stars: September 15 2017]

Happy Friday, everyone!

We are so close to our first Maximize event of the year. It begins this Monday, September 18, at the Encore in Las Vegas, Nevada! I know I'm ready to network with many of you and join a ton of great sessions and keynotes.  Doug McLean​ is one of our communityallstars​ this week because he shared with the community why he's excited to attend Maximize! Check it out here: Are you excited about Maximize? Tell me and Doug what you're looking forward to!

Over in Support​, Adam Homoly​ is asking for recommendations from all of you! He is specifically looking for lessons learned while optimizing the mobile app for iPad, in terms of speed and responsiveness. He received some great responses from other community members. If you have any advice, check out his discussion: Any recommendations / lessons learned on optimizing the mobile app for the ipad in terms of speed an...

In our customer focused Network and Share​ space, there's a great discussion on ERP integrations. Russell Jacobs​' response stands out because it was marked helpful 3 times! Whenever you find valuable content, mark it as helpful so others know to check it out too. It also lets the author know that other users appreciate their knowledge and experiences!

Great work this week, everyone. If you're attending Maximize Las Vegas, make sure to say hi!

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Re: Maximize Excitement, Mobile App, & ERP [Community All Stars: September 15 2017]

Great post!  And congrats to Russell Jacobs​ and  Doug McLean​!  I'll be heading Adam Homoly​'s discussion!

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Re: Maximize Excitement, Mobile App, & ERP [Community All Stars: September 15 2017]

Check out communityallstars​ from previous months in the Community All Stars - Archive

~If my post was useful, please give me a thumbs up! Mark correct answers as 'solutions' so we can all find answers faster!~
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