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Mindray ServiceMax Customer Video

Customer Stories: Mindray

“ServiceMax gives us a lot more visibility than we ever had with a legacy system. With ServiceMax we run reports, create a dashboard, create a report and it’s all there for you.”

— Diane Cassini, Manager Service Operations

Customer Story

Chances are, Mindray’s medical equipment has helped you, a family member or even your pet with patient monitoring, life support or medical imaging technologies. With over 20,000 customers in a heavily regulated environment, Mindray needs to keep its equipment running, and provide detailed work order history. Before ServiceMax, it was trying to use a Lotus Notes database and SAP for managing field service operations. While its old systems were decent for entering information, it could not easily retrieve information, which led to poor insight on product and service delivery. The ServiceMax suite provides a 360-degree view of service and information for each piece of equipment. From work order creation to warranty and maintenance coverage and integration with SAP, it uses ServiceMax to manage its entire field service business. Initially, dispatchers take calls and generate one of the 3,000 work orders per month Mindray processes. If a field representative needs to make an on site repair, they have full access to product and customer information and can log all inventory details which has reduced the number of lost parts. Anyone involved in the field service process can now instantly confirm customer entitlements. This universal visibility into customer information has improved productivity with less operations and IT support. Management can instantly surface crucial reports on equipment history, service rep activities, part usage and inventory, and service contract information by volume and serial number.

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