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No Time To Waste: Connections with Fellow Experts

Making Connections - Live and and Face to Face

Networking, collaboration, and ways to connect and learn from each other are (almost literally) my bread and butter. And virtual connections are the name of my game. Online communities, networking calls, managing user groups and asynchronous collaboration is what I was hired to build.

And yet, I would never argue with the immense value that in-person meetings can provide. I relish the times that I can hop on a plane and actually meet all of you in person. I love getting together with customers and industry experts, to pick their brains about what collaboration means to them.  I like digging into their interests, needs, and sharing a little bit about how this community can help support those business goals, either a little or a lot.


I recently attended MaxLive 2015 in Paris and got a chance to sit with and chat with hundreds of field service experts across our team, our customers, and partners. It was a fantastic, exhilarating ride. Some of you were delighted to see the resources in Field Service Network​ that might help build a business case​ for field service technologies, across Case studies, white papers etc. Others pointed out the need for some more guidance around our mobile capabilities here in the community (Thanks Richard Lewis!).

All of these meetings and conversations are valuable (and fun) for me, and I've heard the feedback that they have a lot of value for you, too.

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Making Connections: From Across the World

The ServiceMax Community can help you extend existing connections and find new people to connect with.

I want to highlight one unique value point that this Community to extend connections you might make in person and to establish new connections you might never had encountered in person.  Maybe you won't get as deep as you might in a one hour conversation over dinner.

But you can do a lot to support your business when you don't have the time or opportunity to sit down with your network and your peers in person.

It's all about

  1. Finding Your Contacts
  2. Following Them
  3. Getting Them to Follow You (Just Ask!)
  4. Sharing, Messaging, and @Mentioning

How to Make Connections

1. Find Your Connections

This guide will walk you through finding people (and places and content) here in the community.

Browse and Filter People, Places, Content

2. Follow People You Know or Experts You'd Like to Know

You can follow any community members who are contributing ggreat content. You can follow speakers from events. You can also browse through people will skills and expertise that is relevant to your business.***

Following People, Places, and Content

***Speaking of which, do you have your skills listed on your community profile? Add Skills and Areas of Expertise

3. Get Them to Follow You

This one is easy, just ask! You can @mention any member of the community in any comment or discussion. Why not start a discussion about networking on a specific topic, @mention the people you know who don't follow you yet, and ask them to follow you back. For example: If you are passionate about reporting, and know from his skills listed in his profile that Rob van Waveren​ is a whiz at Reports and Dashboards, or you found out because of his contributions and posts here in the community, you could post a thread in Network and Share​ calling on Reporting experts to follow each other. Ask Rob by @mentioning him to follow you. This has an added benefit that any new members who search for reporting can find the post. Then they'll follow you, Rob, and form a new network of people who want to collaborate around that topic.

The Power of Your Connections

Know More About Your Contacts

You can only see limited profile details for community members you aren't connected with.

The following fields are enabled for viewing once you are a connection:

Email, Company, Role, Location, and Join Date.


Share With Your Contacts

While you can @mention any community member in a public post, private messaging and private sharing is enabled for anyone you are connected with. So once you follow them, and they follow you, you are able to send private messages via the community. This comes through in a really easy and simple way if you are using the mobile app. Throughout recent in person events I saw private messages and shares come up from other members that pointed me to recent posts, great content, and things I was interested in.


What About You?

Which contacts would be the most valuable for you to connect with?

How do you stay in touch with people you meet after in-person events?

What kinds of things could a colleague, peer, ServiceMax teammmate, or other community member share with you?

In an ideal world, who are the people you would connect with here in the community? What kinds of conversations would you have?

Please respond below to share your thoughts and perspectives!

This is a signature, signatures are fun, they appear under every post a community member makes. Some people say things like this in their signature:
~If my post was useful, please give me a thumbs up! Mark correct answers as 'solutions' so we can all find answers faster!~
Update your signature by editing your profile in [Personal information]
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Re: No Time To Waste: Connections with Fellow Experts

great insights!  Success is all about connections and personal relationships...make them work for you!

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