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No Time To Waste: More Details on the Power of Tags

This is another installment on getting the most out of this community, and another time we'll dig into the tagging feature. As I mentioned in the last post No Time To Waste: Follow A Tag in Streams #Getting_Started​ you can follow a tag that will help you see the most recent content contributed about a certain topic. This will pull across all formats, from blog posts, videos, discussion threads, and more. Beyond getting email notifications delivered into your inbox (and we do recommend you create an email filter to gather all ServiceMax Community notifications), you can also browse relevant content via tags.

Tags: Who Can Benefit?

You can use tags to help get your posts discovered, and lead community members straight to the ideas, questions, and content you want to highlight. As mentioned in the last post, you can follow tags in a stream to see what's happening across the community and find ways to get involved. A few examples of those who would benefit from tagged content…

  1. You're an IT leader for your Field Service organization and working on a business case to purchase iPads for your team. You'd like to track conversations from other customer who are using iPads for use in your own internal work to make that argument for the investment in mobileipad our mobile clientservicemax mobile Using the relevant tags, you can tag your questions and turn on an email notification so you are informed anytime there's new content assicated with those tags.
  2. You and your whole team are attending maxlive europe and want to keep up with speakers, networking sessions, updates, and details coming out you also want to know about future field service events in your region. You can follow your region, country, or city emea paris as well.
  3. You are a new customer and know you plan to use ServiceMax for preventive maintenance, work order, dispatch console for starters. You follow these tags and select Email Updates so that you get a notification anytime there is an idea, enhancmenet request, document, event, discussion, poll, or video that is posted and tagged in that content. The Email notifications
  4. As the community manager - I can encourage new users to follow the following tags using the steps above. You can turn off your email notifications later - as a new user - this is a great way to get started in the community - by checking out notifications on getting started, networking servicemax community

What is a Tag?

You can create a tag inline in any comment, discussion thread, or post by typing the hashtag symbol # and then starting to type a keyword. A drop down of existing tags will appear and you can select from them. Using tags that are common in the community is the most advantageous way to get your content found. That will push your content to the tag cloud we'll explore next. Tags can also be added at the bottom of a new piece of content via the Tags Bar.

Exploring The Tags Cloud

tags cloud.png

A number of spaces include a list of popular tags being used in that area. Above you see the popular tags in ServiceMax Knowledge​. When you click one of those tags you'll see all content that is associated with that tag. Clicking View all will show all of the tags associated with the content in this area. This draws together the content post relevant to you. In the knowledge base, where you can browse hundreds of articles, tags are a real time saver. Clicking an individual tag or viewing the whole tag takes you into the Tag Cloud view.

Here is view of all tags in the community:

tags cloud view.png

When you click into the tag you'll see a list of content and options to sort that content by type and the order the list appears. As you can see below, you can apply a second tag to narrow down your search.

tags multiple selected.png

Tags are also loaded into the search function. As I've noted before, the community wide search, visible no matter where you are in the community, is a powerful way to navigate and discover relevant content.

universal search.png

Once you find the content you were looking for, be sure to leave feedback and share your thoughts. Use the Like button or Rate content that has been helpful. Comment so that the author will see the impact of their contribution, and share content with your colleagues with 2 clicks. Bookmarks will help you quickly navigate to the top information that you will need to come back to.

How do you find what you need in the community?

Have you tagged your content?

Do you find tags useful?

What could you use help with? Help my draft my next blog post in the no time to waste​ series!

This is a signature, signatures are fun, they appear under every post a community member makes. Some people say things like this in their signature:
~If my post was useful, please give me a thumbs up! Mark correct answers as 'solutions' so we can all find answers faster!~
Update your signature by editing your profile in [Personal information]
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