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No Time To Waste: Share Blogs to This Community from Your Browser

The no time to waste​ blog series is all about making this platform useful - fast!  This week I want to offer another tip that can help you collaborate with your network nearly-instantly. 

Feel Inspiration -> Click One Button -> Start The Conversation.

When are you inspired to collaborate? And how long before other work distracts you from that?

In a recent conversation with a customer team that is presenting at Maximize 2016 in June, we started talking about the moments when inspiration strikes. Within the busy work week, with individual projects clamoring for immediate attention, team members voicing (or shouting) their needs, and customer issues that must be addressed NOW - when do they have time to focus on the big picture? And when do they feel genuine curiosity about what their peers are doing across the industry, region, and field service in general?

My contact told me that for him, it's normally very early in the morning. He takes time out of his week to follow up on online field service publications, to review recordings from webinars about field service trends and best practices. Those are the moments when he can apply all of his expertise from managing a complex field service organization and look at what innovations and programs he might add to the mix. This is when he wonders how others are doing it. What challenges do they face? How do the best-in-class organization stay ahead?  He realized that is the time that the best questions occurred to him, the ones he'd love to hear answered in our upcoming user group programs. What do you do here? How does it work?

This got me thinking about how to streamline getting those conversations started in our community.

Any that leads us to a great feature available to you - the Jive Anywhere Add On!


Jive Anywhere: What? Why?

Put Simply: Jive Anywhere connects your browser to Jive. Anything you find on the web can be posted to our community with your thoughts and questions for your peers. AND It works easily and quickly.

You can find discussions related to the content of the page you are browsing, if they've already been posted. And you can share, post and reply to discussions directly from your browser.


1. Download Jive Anywhere:

tools jive anywhere.png

2. The Jive Discuss Button should appear on the right side of your browser


3a. The first time (only) you'll need to connect the Jive Anywhere plug in to the community, the ServiceMax community url should appear ( and you can click to connect

4. Click that Jive Discuss button

4b. If you want to hide the discuss button, click to expand it, Click the button to hide it, and you can open via the J in the right corner of the URL bar.

5. Start a new discussion (existing discussions about that link will appear there)

6. Copy and paste a small quote from the article, add your perspective in a sentence or two, and a few questions for the community members - what will they find in the article, why do you want to talk about it, and what is your own experience of this topic

7. Post In: Field Service Network or Network and Share


See this sample discussion that took 30 second to put together : In Field Service's Fast-Growing Biomed Sector, Soft Skills Trump Technical Prowess: Luminex's Steve ...

Yea or Nay?

Have you tried Jive Anywhere? Did it work well for you? When do you feel inspired to post a discussion thread?  let me know what you think!

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