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Community Manager

No Time To Waste: Understanding the New Setup

Summer 2017 is the summer of updates! We recently transitioned to a Jive Rewards, and now we're transitioning to some new community profile and content design updates. Below are a few screenshots of what you should expect to see.

Here's the new profile view and some of the key takeaways.

  • 1 - It now shows your avatar as the photo that is front and center on your profile. This will help people recognize who you are in the community since the avatar is what they see whenever you create or interact with content and in streams.
  • 2 - Set your location without editing the profile - simply click the input and type in the location and it will add it for you.
  • 3 - Add a banner image that can be used to better communicate who you are. (I'm not sure what my marble banner says - simple, yet chic?)
  • 4 - The ability to see all your points is located near the top of the banner and is clickable to take you to the rewards board.

Most content will look different as well. Blogs also include a banner image now.

Events has adopted the banner look as well.

The new ideas design emphasizes the amount of votes.

While the new discussion emphasizes the correct answer, if there is one.

I appreciate the new modern look Jive is starting to move towards, but what do you like? What could use improvement? Let us know in the comments!

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