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No Time to Waste: Getting Started and Getting Value (Fast!): Your View

Your time is precious to you.  Time is money. Time is a step towards all of your main business objectives. It is the difference between a happy customer and an irate one. It is the number of work orders you can complete, machines you can fix, minutes you can it is miles to the next job site. Time is also managing to finally leave the van. It is making your children laugh and enjoying all your non-work elements of life. I get it - and I understand why asking you to 'take the time' to explore around this community can be a steep ask.

The Community can actually Cut Down On Time Searching for Content You Want. 

  • As you explore the Content Tab in the Education‌ Space and Click to Follow (top right corner) you will get a chance to see a library of all Education content available and

It can also Highlight Content You Didn't Know You Needed.

  • My favorite thing about in person events is finding out about concepts, ideas, presentations, and resources I have never considered before - and feeling that flash of revelation when I realize how effectively I can apply them to my business and my success. The community has the capacity to replicate that discovery process.

New Blog Series

I'm excited to share this first post in a new blog series in About This Community‌ that offers individual tips that streamline this whole community process: No Time To Waste

I'll be working pushing the relevant functionality, tips, areas, and buttons to you and making this tool more powerful. I've seen some exceptional power users emerging already in this community, and I want you to offer your thoughts too - where we can gain the most value (fast!) from this space.

Tip One: Your View

Have you clicked into your Inbox and Activity from your name in the top right corner of the community?  From there you can see a variety of ways to slice and dice the Activity you want to see - sorting by status updates, what is Most Important, what is in your Inbox, and a little option called My View.  Or bookmark it

Your View Blog.png

This page is editable - and highlights every element that you decide is most interesting to you. Jive intelligently picks out the items you are interacting with, viewing, visiting, and this is a very powerful way to check out your highest value contacts, places, blog posts, and much much more. Click in and check it out - you can add tiles that highlight specific areas to you. I just added Trending Content to My View!

I always say that following spaces is one of the most valuable activities you can do when you join a community - it will help surface content to you according to topic area.  This is a great way to see all the latest and greatest content that the community is excited about and engaging with.

Have you seen the Your View area?  Did you customize it? What did you put front and center? What other tips would you share on finding relevant activity quickly?

This is a signature, signatures are fun, they appear under every post a community member makes. Some people say things like this in their signature:
~If my post was useful, please give me a thumbs up! Mark correct answers as 'solutions' so we can all find answers faster!~
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