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SalesForce CRM Stream Information

SalesForce CRM

Stream Information


Solutions:Customer Quick Facts

Stream  Information  appointed,  along  with  post-­sales applications  provider,  ServiceMax,  to provide a  data  management  system  using  cloud computing,  that  would  allow  easy,  accurate input  and  access  of  information for

its  many  stakeholders.

INDUSTRY: Energy & Chemicals


Geography: New Zealand

Overview On the Road to Success with...

Stream  Information  provides  independent metering  services  to  medium  and  large enterprises,  to  ensure  they  get  the  best deal  on  their  energy  needs.  New Zealand’s energy  industry  is  deregulated,  allowing enterprises  to  select  from  a  variety  of energy  providers  to  best  suit  their  financial, environmental,  and  volume  requirements.

Stream  products  and  services  offer  the ability  to  monitor  energy  consumption,  dentify  savings  and efficiencies, and  to

build  improved  energy  management strategies.

The  and  ServiceMax  solution also  allows  Stream  Information  to  keep  a  very tight  hold  on  field service  cost  and management.  The  reporting  is  clear  and consistent,  so  management  can  easily  see where  there are  any  problems  and  compare  results  both historically  and  across  locations,  with  no ambiguity.

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