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Service Contracts Datasheet

Service Contracts


Profitable service revenue and growth have never been more critical to businesses. For manufacturers of all types and sizes, selling services often delivers significant and growing profits – selling product alone just won’t cut it. For many service providers, service IS their business. So why are so many organizations still using archaic, manual tools to sell services? Or even worse, are unable to market and sell the right service offering to the customer simply because they can’t administer it.

An inability to offer a well-designed slate of service solutions is depriving both your top and bottom lines of additional cash. Luckily, ServiceMax’s service contracts and warranty capabilities empower organizations to define and manage a wide range of service plans that enable expansion into new markets, and increase service revenue and profits – all within a complete field service delivery solution.


• Complete visibility into warranty and contracts in service delivery means you never give away free service

• Grow your service business with expansion into new markets and the ability to deliver new service offerings

• Increase revenue by avoiding warranty leakage

• Speed up cash flow by ensuring accurate service tracking and billing

• Improve customer satisfaction by using standardized service plans

• Improve the consistency of service offerings, thus ensuring predictable and dependable profitability

• Comprehensive, automatic entitlement verification – product, location, named contact, availed & remaining services

• Support for multiple product & labor pricebooks to ensure consistent and accurate pricing of labor, parts, products and consumables

• Rich labor pricing options; including fixed price, minimum labor charged, rounding time charged and the ability set product or product line-specific labor pricing

• Create and manage service plans/templates of popular service offerings

• Quickly author complex service contracts based on service plans that automatically include the plan details, yet still are extremely flexible to enable specific exceptions and adjustments

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