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Service Council: Organizations Embracing Cloud-based Field Service

Service Council: Organizations Embracing Cloud-based Field Service


Field Service organizations have been around for hundreds of years, if not longer, and clouds have been around since – well, since virtually the beginning of time. However, cloud-based Field Service solutions have only been available for a few years now and, arguably, are leading to a wholesale change in the dynamics of field service automation and applications.

Cloud computing has applicability to service organizations (and businesses) of all types and sizes, covering all market segments and global geographies. It is, and will become an even greater, equalizer among businesses in that it can empower even the smallest organizations to benefit from the same tools and resources as their largest competitors – and all with a relatively quick implementation, learning curve and time-to-value.

  • Cloud computing is already here, and being embraced- especially by SMBs
  • A majority of future Field Service techinology investment will be Cloud-based
  • Process improvement is seen as a key step toward the ability to increase service revenues- and profits
  • Collaboraton between Sales and Service is a primary business goal- regardless of size of organization
  • The consideration of iPads in Field Service applications is growing significantly

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