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Community Manager
Community Manager

ServiceMax Community via Mobile - Using the Jive Mobile App

The ServiceMax Community can deliver updates on the topics you are most interested in, the people who are contributing the best content, and the discussions you are taking part in. It's all about what you follow (read more here Following People, Places, and Content) Take that knowledge with you and access updates instantly via the Jive Mobile app. This is particularly useful when attending live events​.

1. Go to the App Store or Google Play on your device

2. Search for Jive Mobile

3. Download the Jive Mobile App


5. Open the app and add our community URL:

Click Continue

6. Access via your Username and Password

Click to Sign In

There, now you can set up notifications, access great content, and contribute threads, thoughts and photos live from field service events​ like MaxLive 2015​,  Maximize 2015​ or The EMEA User Group​!

7. Tour of some of the great features of the iPad app

Recent Content

photo 1.PNG

Streams and News Features -

photo 2.PNG

Search and Browse through content, experts, and places, or click Create in the bottom left corner of the app to post content of your own

photo 3.PNG

Find Knowledge Articles

photo 4.PNG

Check your inbox of notifications!

photo 5.PNG

This is a signature, signatures are fun, they appear under every post a community member makes. Some people say things like this in their signature:
~If my post was useful, please give me a thumbs up! Mark correct answers as 'solutions' so we can all find answers faster!~
Update your signature by editing your profile in [Personal information]
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