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ServiceMax Linx for QuickBooks Datasheet

ServiceMax Linx for QuickBooks


Still sending your service technicians or engineers to the customer site armed only with a clipboard and no visibility to prior invoices or service records? Unfortunately, nothing could be worse for your business’s cash flow. How can you outpace your competitors if your processes are still full of paper, data entry and “phone tag”? That’s why service businesses of all sizes are investing in technology to not only ensure that service is delivered flawlessly, but accounted for flawlessly as well.


• Shorten the service to cash cycle with faster and more accurate invoicing

• Eliminate manual data entry and paper, and increase the productivity of your service organization

• Cut costs by eliminating or repurposing data entry personnel

• Increase customer satisfaction by eliminating billing errors and “surprises”

• Gain insights from service revenue and cost data and make better business decisions

• Generate pro-forma invoices that can be presented by the technician for electronic signature while on site

• Automatically create estimates and invoices in QuickBooks® from ServiceMax work order details

• Choose from uni-directional (ServiceMax to QuickBooks®) or bi-directional integration options that fit any budget

• Empower technicians with mobile access to product and service pricing, quoting and contract information

• Empower your accounting team with the ability to view dashboards and analytics on service profitability, revenue and cost

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