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Sky Italia's Digital Transformation


With the Pay-TV vertical becoming more and more competitive over the last few years, Sky Italia found it vital to focus on customer experience and satisfaction in order to differentiate themselves. What did they need to do achieve this? Lucio Golinelli, a Senior Director of Service & Delivery with Sky Italia, felt that improving the customer experience would come from a digital revolution within the organization. Specifically, the organization needed to move away from the standard processes of field service delivery and prioritize digital centric processes. This move would revolve around the consumer experience and financial KPIs.

How did they do this? Sky Italia was not looking for a generic, off the rack solution. They needed a tailored solution that would work across their whole supply chain. Thus, Sky Italia collaborated with ServiceMax to work through the transformation process. Over the past two years, ServiceMax has developed a customized solution for Sky Italia's FSM tools that work for the company itself, their partners, and their customers.

For more details about Sky Italia's digital transformation and the rewards they're beginning to reap from their ServiceMax solution, check out "Industry Focus: Pay TV"​ for the full story.

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