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Smart, Connected Service Datasheet

Smart, Connected Service


Welcome to the age of connected devices. By leveraging what is commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), manufacturers are reaping the benefits of vast amounts of machine-generated data that can provide unique insights into quality, reliability, failure rates and real-world usage of the machines they design, build, sell and service.


• Decrease average time to repair by proactively anticipating service needs

• Maximize the productivity of your field service teams (including service partners)

• Improve service level agreement (SLA) compliance rates and exceed customer expectations

• Increase customer satisfaction and build your customer’s confidence in you as a service provider

• Grow your service business with expansion into new markets and the ability to deliver new service offerings

• Improve technician utilization

• Improve service delivery by analyzing trends and

gaining insight on overall time and parts consumption, service history, root cause and failure analysis and much more

• A complete suite of best-in-class field service management applications including contract entitlements, scheduling, work order management, installed base management, parts and inventory management and workforce optimization

• Robust, field-ready mobile apps, improving productivity by an average of 24%

• Connectivity via PTC and ServiceMax

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